Save The Duck

Save the Duck offers vegan jackets created from sustainable fibers. Their garments derive from recycled materials to simulate and surpass the qualities of down feathers without the use of animal products. They were the first fashion company in Italy to become a certified B Corporation.

At Save The Duck, they create their own pace and also respect the pace of the planet. All of their products and designs are completely animal-free and cruelty-free. They have and will always care for animals, the environment, and its people.

In order to make effective outerwear that’s both sustainable and efficient, Save The Duck uses recycled Plumtech. In comparison to traditional polyester, Plumtech has much more freedom and is kinder to our planet.

They include recycled materials, including plastic bottles, to create vegan jackets that are weatherproof and eco-conscious. If you’re in need of a new raincoat, or perhaps a jacket for an adventure, browse through their recycled collections for some amazing eco-friendly choices.

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