Londre Bodywear

Londre Bodywear crafts women’s high-quality sustainable swimwear with the lowest possible impact on the planet. Besides incorporating recycled materials into their products, they provide a recycling program, compostable packaging, non-toxic production and are also oeko tex 100 certified.

This women-led brand creates positive change and uses their small business to make quantifiable change for women and the environment. Since day one, they’ve been committing to making the most flattering and high-quality eco-friendly swimsuits. All the water they use during production is recyclable because their methods are completely free of harmful chemicals. Additionally, all suits are recyclable as well, as a resource for new materials at the end of their long life. And within the first year of purchase, Londre Bodywear offers repairs for all of their suits.

If you’re ready to swim sustainably, make sure to head over to Londre for a selection of eco-friendly swimsuits and more.

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