Laude The Label

Laude the Label is built by women to support other women through employment and equality. Their organic clothing is handmade and ethically sourced to ensure fair wages. As a community-driven clothing brand, they are passionate about building a better future.

As an ethical company, they measure success by impact, not profits. Their philosophy moves the fashion industry towards a more humane approach, where the Earth and the make are equal to the customer.

The story of Laude the Label begins as one woman’s way of ending family separation due to economic insecurity. Found Carly Burson uses her knowledge of fashion to design goods that can help artisan communities access the global marketplace. Her mission is to create sustainability where there is vulnerability and insecurity.

Now, with minimalist designs and eco-friendly materials, Laude creates staple pieces that can be worn for years, while helping local communities at the same time.

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