Conscious Clothing

Conscious Clothing is a sustainable brand that focuses on biodegradable materials made to order. Their plant-based clothing is super soft and made to last to support your sustainable wardrobe. Additionally, they design and create small-batch apparel using only ethically sourced and sustainable materials. At Conscious Clothing, their goal is to cultivate capsule wardrobe pieces that will serve for years to come. Their garments are functional, stylish, and sustainable. These timeless silhouettes are here to stay, time and time again.

With a slow fashion philosophy in mind, you can expect to wear Conscious Clothing countless of times. It’ll help reduce your environmental footprint while you’re also building an ageless closet.

Since Conscious Clothing makes their products to order, they strategically cut their garments to further reduce waste as much as they can. Their fabrics are all plant-based and biodegradable. Additionally, most of their pieces can be discarded in a compost pile after their lifecycles. For full circularity, this brand repurposes their leftover fabric scraps for shipping purposes

Buying from Conscious Clothing also means you are giving back to our planet. They’ve partnered with Ecodrive to plant a tree for every order to offset their carbon footprint. That’s right, every order! These trees help combat climate change, reduce and absorb CO2, and help alleviate poverty by providing local communities with jobs. This also helps support wildlife ecosystems.

Take a visit to Conscious Clothing and discover all of their sustainable collections. If you’re in need of organic cotton denim or hemp clothing, they have a variety of garments to explore.

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