Cariuma Shoes

Cariuma designs sustainable sneakers that are both comfortable and timeless. They source their materials responsibly and maintain ethical factories. Every pair of Cariuma Shoes are ethically sourced and are packaged with carbon-neutral shipping.

From production to shipping, Cariuma Shoes care about making their footwear with the smallest footprint possible. That’s why this sneaker brand commits to the continuous improvement of ethical practices and processes. They believe in making sustainable shoes that are timeless, comfortable, and better for the planet.

Cariuma embraces personal style over status-quo trends. They want to empower conscious consumers to purchase quality over quantity. In doing so, they source their materials responsibly and create products that last. This fun shoe brand maintains ethical factories and employs a strict code of conduct during their day-to-day operations. Additionally, they also believe in giving back to local communities and fellow eco-friendly organizations.

At Cariuma, style, comfort, and sustainability are synonymous. Good things take time and each sneaker is low impact and thoughtfully designed. To bet against fast fashion, they use timeless silhouettes that are wearable through every season. Also, their products don’t just look good, they feel great too. They constantly source and craft greener innovations to develop materials that help make their sneakers lightweight and durable.

As a mindful company, Cariuma Shoes recycle and reuse excess materials during the sneaker-making process. For example, every piece of rubber material that isn’t in use is then recycled and incorporated into the next pair. Visit their store and try on a pair or two. Trust us, sustainable shoes look amazing on everyone.

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