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11 Amazing Zero-Waste Products For Your Kitchen

We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise that this area of the household produces the most waste. How can we reduce that? By choosing zero-waste products over single-use items. We know it isn’t easy finding eco-friendly goods and we want to make the search as easy as possible. Here is a comprehensive list of the best sustainable reusable food containers to help you get started.

Eco-Friendly Food Containers

When working towards a low-waste lifestyle, we want to focus on products that are plastic-free and reusable. Glass food storage containers are one easy alternative we love and highly recommend. They are modular, versatile and simple to clean. Perfect for leftovers or as food prep containers for those busy weeks! For some sustainable options, visit Inka or West Elm.

A zero-waste must-have is of course a set of stainless steel containers. The Package Free company has plenty of steel options that are truly leakproof. As their name suggests, they operate with compostable shipping materials and only sell products that help eliminate plastic.

Reusable Storage Bags For Your Zero Waste Kitchen

On the topic of reusability, we also had to include reusable bags for your produce and other pantry items. At Àplat, you’ll find a pantry kit that comes with durable and breathable organic cotton bags for your groceries. These help keep food fresh and are safe to store in pantries, the refrigerator and the even freezer.

A beeswax food wrap is a new, exciting method in preserving food. Derived from (as you guessed) beeswax, these biodegradable wraps are perfect for storing cheeses, fruits, sandwiches, vegetables and other goods. You simply use the warmth of your hands to shape the wrap onto your item and there you have it – it sticks to itself! Afterwards, you can wash and reuse as much as you need.

Looking for more plastic-free alternatives to go along with your reusable food containers? Explore more zero-waste products with our collection of eco-friendly cutting boards or sustainable water bottles.

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