Vegan Boots and Shoes For Men

What do you look for in a pair of vegan boots to make sure they’re worthy of being one of your new wardrobe essentials? We start by making sure they’re durable and able to withstand everything life chooses to throw our way. They need to be stylish, with a good shape, and enough support to keep you comfortable all day long. And, here at GoodStuff, we make sure they’re responsibly-sourced, because we care about where our clothes come from and who makes them. When you share all these priorities, the decision to actually buy a new pair of mens vegan shoes can be difficult and tedious. Because where can you find a pair of shoes that check all these boxes? With this question in mind, we put together a collection of vegan shoes and vegan boots for men curated with the shared values between us and you: the conscious consumer.

These Vegan Boots Are Made For Walking

Reduce your carbon footprint with every step you take. Vegan shoes are an eco-friendly alternative to check out before you commit to your next shoe purchase. Instead of using animal by-products, try going for a vegan tan leather substitute to add to your conscious wardrobe. The ethical shoe brands curated here feature durable vegan leather that rivals the real thing, and is significantly more eco-friendly. These have the potential to be your new favorite pair of vegan work boots. For a dressier style, check out the vegan chelsea boots, known for their polish and decidedly British feel.

This pair from the Immaculate Vegan has the potential to be your new favorite pair of vegan work boots. These can also double as handy vegan hiking shoes too. For a dressier style, check out the vegan chelsea boots from Ahimsa, known for their polish and decidedly british feel. If you’re in need for a comfortable pair of vegan running shoes consider Allbird’s tree runners.

The Classic Canvas Shoe for Men

If you’re attracted to a look that’s timeless and more uniquely versatile, we feature canvas shoes that are sourced from organic cotton and recycled materials. These shoes can amazingly complement a wide variety of occasions from a sporting event to a casual get-together to even a business setting. High-top or low-top, we’ve included both, so you can focus on discovering your new favorite fit.

Looking for something to pair with your new vegan boots? Check out the best jeans for men for a classic look. Or check out flannels for more cool weather outfit inspiration.

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