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Vegan Shoes: The Vegan Sneakers Edit

As footwear becomes more eco-friendly, it’s easier to find sustainable shoe brands that are responsibly made with our environment and it’s animal inhabitants in mind. Every step towards conscious living matters and we are here to walk you through it. Here is our curated collection of vegan shoes that are stylish and fashionably functional.

Cruelty-Free Vegan Sneakers

Leather production has a ton of environmental consequences that are long-lasting and harmful to our ecosystems. With every step you take, you can reduce your carbon footprint by opting for a pair of vegan shoes made from natural or recycled materials. Inspired by nature, Soludos proudly introduces their line of vegan sneakers derived from corn extract and recycled rubber. This sustainable sneaker is perfect for the optimistic adventurer.

The Classic Silhouette of White Sneakers

Without a doubt, white sneakers are always in season. It’s the go-to footwear for pretty much any outfit. For example, Thousand Fell is a wonderful shoe brand that combines thoughtful design with sustainably sourced materials, making their products comfortable, recyclable and durable. 

Moreover, their vegan collection of recycled shoes are sourced from coconut, sugar cane and recycled PET. You can live your life in them, guilt free. Also, you can always return these products for recycling. It’s a life cycle you can follow and feel good about.

Eco-Friendly Shoes for Every Walk of Life

We are all built uniquely and so are these sneakers. With any given occasion, rain or shine, our selections are here to support you. Vivo Barefoot uses innovative materials to bring you waterproof shoes that are weather resistant and incredibly lightweight. They include recycled mesh textile into their footwear to create high-performance functionality.

At GoodStuff, we never want to sacrifice style for comfort. Furthermore, our list includes options that have beautiful details and unique designs. All of these sneakers are available in unisex choices. If you want to explore more options, take a look at our other collections of vegan boots and shoes for men and women.

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