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Clean Perfume & Vegan Cologne For Men

Cologne for men | Non-Toxic Men’s Fragrance

Scents can leave a lasting impression. If you find yourself at an important event, whether it be a date night or a public gathering, the right cologne can set the evening’s tone. Smelling the part is just as important as dressing for the part. Here are our favorite picks of clean perfume and vegan cologne for men.

Non-Toxic & Natural Perfume For Men

Finding cologne for men can be a frustrating ordeal. We all have our own unique preferences, making it difficult to find the perfect cologne we are looking for. And because of our biology, each and every one of us is attracted to natural scents.

Before sending you off on your journey to find the right scent, we’ve carefully gathered non-toxic perfume for men that blend aromas with natural ingredients. That way, you won’t have to worry about harmful substances and chemicals. Each of these choices are mixed with chemical-free formulas to make you smell good and feel good. 

Men’s Cologne Brands: Vegan and Organic Options 

An honorable first mention goes to Alt., a reinventive fragrance company that brings you luxurious scents on a budget. Their colognes provide all the right notes for effortless sophistication. If you’re looking for a natural perfume that doesn’t lose potency throughout the day, try spritzing yourself with their Executive scent. All ALT. Fragrances are sustainable, cruelty free, and made using 100% clean ingredients.

Roses are red, violets are blue, DedCool has scents that could be right for you. Made in Los Angeles with organic extracts, this company concocts a wide range of fragrances from woodsy to floral musks. They feature dedicated collections that are sensual yet subtle. Any of their unisex perfumes can be an amazing choice for a long-lasting men’s fragrance that will have you standing out from the crowd.

Scents also have the ability to connect us with particular emotions or memories. Abbot draws inspiration from the towering forests of Sequoia National Park to make a natural fragrance. With alluring notes from smokey incense and cedarwood, their personal colognes will feel like a stroll in the woods. They only include vegan and non-toxic ingredients to prioritize Earth and the health of its people. Additionally, Abbot also donates and gives back a portion of their proceeds towards wild-life conservancies.

For all of our lovely ladies, we also have a guide to a curated selection of clean perfume that you can explore here.

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12 Organic Crib Sheets and Muslin Swaddle Blankets

12 Organic Crib Sheets and Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Crib sheets and swaddle blankets are important elements for a little one’s environment. Much like the rest of our homes, we want to make sure we keep it furnished with gentle, non-toxic materials that add an air of comfort and nourishment. That’s why we’ve chosen the best options for you to choose from to ensure a safe and happy baby. While we’re focusing on providing you with organic crib sheets and muslin swaddle blankets for their high-quality, safety, and thoughtful design, we’ve also included different fabric options to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Muslin is a top pick for swaddling blankets as it creates a lightweight, breathable blanket that is still cozy enough for little ones. Parade features a bamboo and organic cotton blend for their muslin swaddle. Bamboo textiles are some of the most sustainable fabrics, and when woven into cotton muslin, create a soft blanket that’s perfect for baby. Milkbarn’s muslin swaddle is created with GOTS-certified organic cotton to ensure it’s safety and quality. While we love all of Milkbarn’s sweet patterns, we’ve chosen their elephant baby blanket for it’s gender-neutral qualities. Similarly, Under The Nile also offers a swaddle with GOTS-certified cotton. We love it’s Fair Trade manufacturing and cute, illustrative print.

Muslin Crib Sheets

Muslin is popular for crib sheets as well, thanks to it’s light and airy texture. When used in the crib, muslin’s light and airy texture makes it a safe and comfortable choice for babies. Milkbarn offers an organic crib sheet to complement their swaddles.

Organic Cotton Blankets

Olen Organic offers a personalized swaddle blanket created with organic cotton. Also, 5% of sales supports Every Mother Counts in their efforts to ensure all women have access to maternity care. Colored Organics features an organic blanket woven in a stylish and beautiful basketweave. We love it’s rich color and comfy texture, perfect for a baby to enjoy.

Looking for more organic choices for kids and little ones? Check out our curated collection of organic children’s clothes, or try our selection of the best options for organic kid’s shampoos.

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Organic & Vegan Shampoo for Your Beauty Routine

Organic & Vegan Shampoo for Your Beauty Routine

Hair care is important. For a lot of us, it’s a huge part of our day-to-day routine. It’s also important to avoid harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. We don’t want any of those pesky toxins that are found in leading salon formulas. To help steer you in the right direction, we’ve listed the best vegan shampoo from companies that focus on natural sources and cruelty-free practices. You’ll love these eco friendly shampoo brands.

The Advantages of Vegan & Cruelty Free Shampoo

Vegan shampoos are not only cruelty-free, they are also composed entirely of natural ingredients. Plant-based formulas are much safer to use when maintaining and treating your beautiful hair, and are much safer for our environment too.

The Body Shop has an array of vegan options. One being their signature tea tree shampoo to help balance and refresh your gorgeous locks. If you are opting for a gel alternative, Abhati has some of the best organic shampoo bars that are suitable for all hair types. Your scalp will thank you for this soothing cleanse. Also, did we mention this product is zero-waste? 

Say Goodbye To Dry Scalps

To regain control of your hair, Natural Lab offers a hydrating solution. Their award-winning smooth shampoo is the answer to long-lasting moisture for a healthy scalp. 

Refill, reuse and rejoice with a clarifying and biodegradable shampoo made by Plaine Products. This company is commits to plastic-free manufacturing to eliminate excess waste. All of their products are reusable and recyclable, so you can use their refillable shampoo products as many times as you’d like.

Looking for more eco-friendly shampoo products for your little ones? We have more organic products that works gently with kids. Make sure to take a look at our collection of the best shampoo for kids for more natural and organic picks. 

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9 Natural Soap Options For Your Conscious Household

9 Natural Soap Options For Your Conscious Household

Your household deserves natural soap that not only eliminates bacteria but is also nourishing and safe to use. Many traditional brands tend to add parabens, sulfates, and other harmful ingredients within their formulas. If you’re exploring alternatives, we have a handy collection for you filled with our top picks of vegan soap.

Natural & Organic Soap To Help You Clean Up

All of our choices are plant-based, non-toxic, and ethically sourced to ensure worry-free shopping. The best non toxic hand soap is one that keeps your skin hydrated and is also tough on grime. 

Developed by trusted doctors, Puracy’s eco-friendly formula is a gentle yet effective cleanser sourced from plants and natural minerals. When using their soap, you can expect natural aromas and zero residue.

Save money, space and the planet with Blueland’s starter set that includes a reusable dispenser and three soap tablets. How does their foaming hand soap work? All you have to do is fill the bottle with warm water, drop those tablets in and voilà, you can start cleaning.

For our friends who would prefer something a little different, we’ve also listed a bar soap from Binu Binu. In bar form, their exfoliating soap is all-natural and helps cleanse the skin. 

Eliminating Waste With Hand Soap Refill Options

Puracy also provides refill pouches that use a significantly less amount of plastic than an average soap container. This a great choice if you’re practicing a zero-waste routine. Instead of purchasing an entirely new bottle, refillable hand soap is a mindful substitute to help reduce waste. In addition to Puracy, we’ve made sure to list more sustainable companies that offer refillable options.

Powered by a blend of natural essential oils, Public Goods has created a non-irritating formula designed to clean and protect your hands from germs. Their refills, along with all of their sustainable products and vegan soap, are made to be affordable and accessible for all.

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Vegan Shoes: The Vegan Sneakers Edit

Ethical & Vegan Shoes | Vegan Sneakers

As footwear becomes more eco-friendly, it’s easier to find sustainable shoe brands that are responsibly made with our environment and it’s animal inhabitants in mind. Every step towards conscious living matters and we are here to walk you through it. Here is our curated collection of vegan shoes that are stylish and fashionably functional.

Cruelty-Free Vegan Sneakers

Leather production has a ton of environmental consequences that are long-lasting and harmful to our ecosystems. With every step you take, you can reduce your carbon footprint by opting for a pair of vegan shoes made from natural or recycled materials. Inspired by nature, Soludos proudly introduces their line of vegan sneakers derived from corn extract and recycled rubber. This sustainable sneaker is perfect for the optimistic adventurer.

The Classic Silhouette of White Sneakers

Without a doubt, white sneakers are always in season. It’s the go-to footwear for pretty much any outfit. For example, Thousand Fell is a wonderful shoe brand that combines thoughtful design with sustainably sourced materials, making their products comfortable, recyclable and durable. 

Moreover, their vegan collection of recycled shoes are sourced from coconut, sugar cane and recycled PET. You can live your life in them, guilt free. Also, you can always return these products for recycling. It’s a life cycle you can follow and feel good about.

Eco-Friendly Shoes for Every Walk of Life

We are all built uniquely and so are these sneakers. With any given occasion, rain or shine, our selections are here to support you. Vivo Barefoot uses innovative materials to bring you waterproof shoes that are weather resistant and incredibly lightweight. They include recycled mesh textile into their footwear to create high-performance functionality.

At GoodStuff, we never want to sacrifice style for comfort. Furthermore, our list includes options that have beautiful details and unique designs. All of these sneakers are available in unisex choices. If you want to explore more options, take a look at our other collections of vegan boots and shoes for men and women.

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6 Kids Raincoats Made From Sustainable Fabrics

6 Kids Raincoats Made From Sustainable Fabrics| Made With Sustainable Fabrics, Recycled Fabrics

Getting wet is fun, but what about the days when we want our kids to be able to watch the storm without getting soaked? A kids raincoat is a must-have for these occasions. We’ve chosen our top picks made from durable, sustainable fabrics that also offer versatility for little ones. You’ll find fun prints to nourish imaginations, classic neutrals, and bold colors suitable for every individual’s style.

A Cute Classic: The Kids’ Yellow Raincoat

On children, the yellow raincoat is a distinctive piece for it’s timeless, classic, and adorable look. To showcase the style, we’ve chosen Mini Rodini’s Kids Windbreaker, which features ethically sourced, recycled fabrics. It offers cool, British styling for your little one’s wardrobe.

Recycled Fabrics

Many kids windbreakers ensure a waterproof finish with recycled fabric. This also makes them more sustainable as it creates a circular-loop process that diverts plastic from the environment. Consequently, ocean-bound plastic can get a second life as a useful piece of clothing. Boden Kids’ Waterproof Parka features recycled filling to create a cozy padding that’s complete with a fun print to support your little one’s imagination. Primary Kids Clothes offers a similar, slightly padded jacket made entirely of recycled ripstop polyester. All children can enjoy Primary’s gender-neutral offerings. Their lightweight jacket in particular, shines as a bright, stylish, and comfy design that’s 100% kid-oriented.

Faire Child’s innovative kids rain jacket is a byproduct of their “Endlessly Reusable” ethos and production model. Yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles forms the base for their high-performance fabric and raincoats. When the garment is no longer wearable, Faire Child offers a program for customers to send back the piece so it can be recycled again.

Looking for something without plastic though? Check for our Plastic-Free tag on clothing items. Consider The Simple Folk’s raincoat, which uses a natural wax to water-proof the organic cotton material.

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20 Sustainable Loungewear Picks

20 Sustainable Loungewear Picks

Modern sustainable loungewear walks the subtle line between casual everyday wear and pjs. There’s a special kind of comfort to wearing these clothes. Especially if you manage to buy a matching set. Can you dress it up? Sometimes. Throw a blazer over your sweatsuit and you’ve got an improvised three-piece suit that is low-maintenance and decidedly american. Or, you can pick a velvet or velour-type set for a high-end aesthetic. The point is: wearing loungewear no longer means you look like you put on the first thing you found under your bed. Today’s options for sweatsuits offer thoughtful styling and high-standard fabrics. You just have to find them.

Every label tries their hand at creating the definitive loungewear set or sweatsuit. Sifting through every option is quite a task, especially when your values lay not just in style. At GoodStuff, we love a good-looking style, sure. But more importantly, we look at the materials, processes, and corporate responsibility behind the garment. We make sure that what we offer to you is responsibly sourced, ethically made, and eco-friendly. For us, sustainability is the default. And we’re here to help you shop with the same mindset.

Organic Cotton Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

Cotton is a favorite textile for a reason: its unmatched versatility. Organic cotton is even better as it’s farmed with environmental conscience and responsibility. It makes sweatshirts and sweatpants into elevated essentials instead of dreaded last-resorts. Conscious Clothing’s tie dye hoodie is created from organic cotton fleece and hemp that gets softer with each wear. Quince’s wide-leg lounge pants come in a signature SuperSoft fabric. So named for it’s soft and comfortable quality; perfect for every season. With these high-standard fabrics and eco-friendly processes, these brands are leading the way for stylish and sustainable loungewear.

Looking for alternatives to cotton? Amour Vert offers a ribbed sweatshirt created from FSC-certified beechwood fibers. This fully-traceable fabric is soft and comfortable, yet durable enough to hold it’s stylish shape and structure.

Cropped Hoodies

An increasingly popular loungewear item, cropped hoodies offer modern style with a distinctive silhouette. For example, Selva Negra’s cropped fleece hoodie features stylish detailing including an elasticized hem. Or, Nu-In’s color block sweatshirt mixes streetwear with athleisure to create a comfortable lounge piece. Both options are ethically-made with 100% cotton designs.

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7 Natural Cleaning Products for a Sustainable Home

Natural Cleaning Products | Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Solutions

Start with a clean slate. Natural cleaning products are a must for every home that values safety in cleanliness. Here, we’ve curated our favorite eco-friendly products that offer efficiency while forgoing toxins.

All Purpose Cleaners With Natural Ingredients

The all-purpose cleaner is your go-to for everything from spontaneous messes to scheduled deep cleans. Therefore, you need an effective one. Not to mention one created with non-toxic ingredients so it’s safe for all members of the family. Clean Cult’s All-Purpose Cleaner Refill is a vegan, plant-based product that deep cleans every home surface. With their subscription membership, it’s easy to get refills only when you need them. Similarly, Common Good’s All-Purpose Cleaner Refill Pouch can be shipped on a recurring schedule. Their plant-based blend delivers a hardworking clean but contains no harsh chemicals.

Looking for a disinfectant that delivers on these same standards? Try Puracy’s Disinfecting Surface Cleaner for an alcohol-free formula that works to sanitize against 99.9% of germs. Or, try Public Good’s Sanitizing Lavender Wipes for convenience with on-the-go messes. Wipes are compostable and feature organic cleaning ingredients.

Natural Laundry Detergent

Dropps Laundry Detergent is a convenient and sustainable solution complete with compostable packaging. Their cruelty-free, plant-based formula is offered in Lavender, Orange, and Clean + Clear, but we’ve chosen their unscented laundry detergent option for those with sensitivities.

Zero-Waste Products

The No Tox Life Dish Block is a favorite within sustainable homes, and for good reason. Their vegan, non-toxic, biodegradable formula works to form a rich lather and cut through grease. It’s a true zero-waste product, and No Tox Life features plastic-free shipping.

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The 9 Best Shampoo for Kids: Natural and Organic Picks

The Best Shampoo for Kids: Natural and Organic Picks

Safe ingredients, non-toxic recipes, and effective formulas. Sound good? Read on for our picks of the best kids bath products that reach these standards and more. 

Organic Shampoo for Kids

Organic certifications are one of the highest standards for botanicals and many other natural ingredients. However, organic doesn’t always mean safe or effective. After all, many chemicals and toxins are still organic compounds. That’s why we’ve curated our own top picks for organic shampoo that are created with your child in mind. To these brands, organic means a high standard of safe and gentle ingredients. Vivaiodays features organic aloe juice and chamomile in a tear-free formula. It’s use of organic soapwort extract allows it to remain well-foaming, giving your child a fun cleansing experience. Odylique provides another formula rich in organic aloe juice added to soothing calendula extract and housed in a recycled and recyclable bottle. Hello Bello Shampoo offers a hypoallergenic formula with nourishing marshmallow root and organic jojoba extracts. Babo Botanicals Sensitive Baby Shampoo is hypoallergenic as well; made with oat proteins and shea and cocoa butters to ensure a gentle cleansing and effective moisturizing. 

Weleda’s Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash uses the gentle cleansing properties of calendula oil to provide kids with a formula that’s effective and chemical-free. Alaffia Shampoo focuses on ethically sourcing ingredients for a fun coconut and strawberry scented wash. 

Shampoo Bars for Kids

Shampoo bars offer a zero-waste approach to kids’ bath products. These bars average the amount of three standard bottles of shampoo, allowing you to drastically cut down on plastic and packaging waste. Ethique’s shampoo bar offers a vegan formula with oats and lavender to nourish hair and calm little ones. 

We curate more than just shampoo for kids. Looking for something fun and well-made to dress little ones in? Check our collection of organic kid’s clothes for every season. Or, browse our Kids category for curated choices in furniture, home goods, and more.

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13 Natural Eyeshadows for a Polished Look

13 Natural Eyeshadows for a Polished Look

Natural eyeshadows ensure that you can play with makeup without feeling concerned about the ingredients. It’s a perfect choice for sensitive skin, or any skin really; after all, eyeshadow is one of the cosmetics that’s applied closest to your eyes, so we want to be sure there’s no toxins around. Natural eyeshadow doesn’t mean you need to skimp on color choices or quality, either. In fact, product quality only rises when brands are interested in ethical, eco-friendly ingredients and processes. So whether you’re going for a natural smokey eye (like Lily Lolo’s smoky eye shadow palette) or looking for a cool-toned palette, there are plenty of perfect choices within the world of clean beauty.

Talc-Free Eyeshadow

Talc is one of the most important ingredients to avoid in eyeshadow formulas. Talc has a high contamination rate with asbestos fibers, which causes it to be toxic when inhaled. Asbestos is a mineral you usually find in close proximity to talc. Even without this contamination, though, talc is still a toxic risk on its own. The eyeshadows featured here are all talc-free and vetted for non-toxicity, so you can be sure you’re avoiding the right ingredients.

Refillable Eyeshadow Palettes

These unique palettes offer a low-waste approach to beauty. Ere Perez’s eyeshadow palette features a magnetic case so you can easily slip new pans into the compact when you need to replace one. Organic Skin Co offers single eyeshadows so you can mix and match the colors you’d like and refill by popping out the single cakes when you’re finished. Similarly, Kjaer Weis’ eyeshadow features  single eyeshadows, but in different packaging options so you can choose how to limit waste. We’ve featured their striking red packaging that doesn’t sacrifice form for function – or sustainability. It’s one hundred percent recyclable and compostable at the end of it’s long lifespan.

We think makeup should be fun, not leave you feeling concerned or stressed over the ingredients. That’s why we curated collections of clean beauty that’s suitable for sensitive skin and is easy on the planet. Peruse our Clean Beauty space to discover your new favorites. Looking for something particular? Check our organic and natural foundation collection for a perfect match and a beautiful base. Or, try our natural lip color collection for a range of innovative and eco-friendly products.

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9 Natural Perfumes & Fragrances That Are Non-Toxic

9 Natural Perfumes & Fragrances That Are Non-Toxic

If you’ve ever been looking through fragrances and been hit with something that seems just right, only to realize the ingredients list is filled with toxins and artificial fragrances you don’t ever want to touch your skin, this collection is for you. Use it to discover the best choices for natural perfumes and fragrances.

But what does “natural” mean to the perfume industry? Well, like a lot of things, there is a spectrum for fragrance. It starts with conventional synthetic perfumes composed almost entirely of petroleum by-products and ends with essential oils. In other words, natural perfumes lay far away from their conventional synthetic lookalikes as they most typically use botanical extracts, sugar-cane alcohol, and safe synthetics. Therefore, the brands we curated for you here value sustainable, vegan, and ethically-sourced ingredients. They’re leading the way for innovative formulas. Read on for a closer look at some of our favorites.

Pour Le Monde

Pour Le Monde is known as a true innovator in the natural scent industry. That’s because their formulas are some of the very few that are completely synthetic-free, relying on essential oils and grain alcohol to create their signature scents. We feature their Together perfume here, which, like each Pour Le Monde fragrance, gives 5% of sales to charity. 

Skylar Fragrance

This brand features hypoallergenic perfume made with botanical extracts paired with safe and clean synthetics. For example, check out their best-selling Isle perfume and enjoy a vegan formula made without phthalates, parabens or synthetic dyes.

Phlur Perfume

Similarly, Phlur creates their perfumes with botanical extracts and safe synthetics and without parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. We feature Phlur’s Hepcat fragrance, made with vetiver responsibly sourced from Madagascar.

Floral Street Perfume

Floral Street is decidedly a part of the slow beauty movement. With ethically-sourced and vegan ingredients, they keep formulas clean and cruelty-free. Not to mention their chic packaging, which is all recyclable. The boxes go a step further with biodegradable materials from FSC-certified forests.

By Rosie Jane Perfume

Like Skylar, these formulas feature organic cane sugar alcohol, a high-quality alternative to the conventional alcohols used in other perfumes. For example, cane sugar alcohol doesn’t dry out the skin like it’s counterpart, and the organic certification ensures no chemicals were used in it’s growing, so no harmful toxins will end up on your skin. We’ve featured their eponymous perfume, Rosie.

Discover your new favorite scent with more options from Another perfumes, Providence Perfume, Sigil Perfume, and other eco-friendly brands.

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7 Vegan Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin

Vegan Sunscreens to Safely Protect Skin

The oh-so-important sunscreen. Even skincare aficionados can line up an impressive regime of cleansers, toners, exfoliators, and moisturizers while forgetting how important an effective non-toxic sunscreen is for the daily health of your skin. No matter the season – and cloudy days included – the right vegan sunscreen is a must-have addition for every skin type.

If you begin any amount of research into the safety of sunscreen, there’s a good chance you’ll be hit with a myriad of misleading or confusing information. That’s partly because sunscreen is regulated depending on your country. For instance in Europe, they proposed regulations on certain chemicals that have very little, if any, regulation in the US. Chemicals such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate – which are known to absorb into the body – are known to be safe only in tiny concentrations. Much smaller amounts than what many American sunscreen formulas use. In other words, the information you may be seeing is confusing because it differs depending on where you’re looking. So what is there to do?

Mineral Sunscreens

We can start with what we know. Through scientific study it is known that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide do not penetrate layers of the skin which makes toxicity and absorption highly unlikely. The only time you would be at risk is when using a spray chemical sunscreen, as this is the only point you might inhale these minerals. Therefore, when looking for sunscreen, opt for a lotion or stick, with an active ingredient of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. This way, you’ll be minimizing absorption of chemicals while using the most effective formulas for sun protection.

Cruelty-Free Sunscreens Fit for Sensitive Skin

Priorities such as non-toxic, reef-safe ingredients and biodegradable packaging are at the forefront of our product research. The brands we feature are doing a great job creating clean formulas to protect your skin. We’ve found the best ones to ensure you healthy skin all year-round.

Looking for a good body moisturizer? Check out our collection of vegan lotions where you’ll find our favorite choices for cruelty-free, hydrating, and luxurious creams.

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Organic Sheets and Dreamy Sustainable Bedding

Organic Sheets and Dreamy Sustainable Bedding

Sheets, like sleepwear, can often be overlooked. As we buy lower quality bedding or bedding we only considered because we liked the color of the pattern, we forget to consider manufacturing processes and materials. Be sure you find organic sheets and sustainable bedding with our choices for sheet sets and duvet covers. Discover silky fabrics, linens, organic cotton and more, all curated to help you find the sheet set of your dreams.

Organic Bedding

Companies that create organic sheets are significantly more likely to be involved in sustainable practices as well as carry the correct certifications to ensure you safe home goods. This is because organic certifications involve higher standards than conventional growing and manufacturing processes. With this in mind, we’ve been sure to sort through the choices in organic cotton sheet sets to provide you with the best. Not to forget the duvet; if you’re looking for a new cover, we have different fabric options, including organically-grown, to provide you with the perfect fit. Goodee features an organic cotton duvet cover that comes in a bright and buttery yellow, while Parachute’s blue European-flax linen duvet cover is created in an ethical factory in Portugal. Alterra Pure’s cover also features GOTS-certified organic cotton in a fresh and crisp white. All covers are OEKO-TEX certified.

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo Lyocell sheets are made with bamboo wood-pulp fibers. And with significantly less water usage, they’re more sustainable than cotton. These fibers can be used to create different textured fabrics, but for bed sheets specifically, it is extremely popular for making a silk-like sateen fabric. It’s luxuriously smooth, breathable, cooling, and – unlike silk – vegan. Ettitude’s signature sateen fabric uses five-hundred times less water than cotton and fifty-two percent less CO2 emissions. We’ve featured their bamboo lyocell sheets and pillowcase sets so you can check out different options.

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12 Best Vegan Lotions for Hydrated Skin

The Best Vegan Lotions for Hydrated Skin

Hydrating our skin is an underrated step in many routines. Our bathroom counters are lined with serums, toners, and moisturizers for the face, but what about for the rest of our bodies? Skin is the largest organ after all, and it’s important we realize the best ways to take care of it. We’ve gathered together the best choices in vegan lotions for all skin types, including more sensitive skin. Each is chosen for it’s clean ingredients, cruelty-free practices, and ethical sourcing.

While dry skin can be more obvious in winter, skin needs a moisturizer no matter the season. During hot summer months our skin may feel sweaty, but underneath it’s parched and in need of good hydration.

Lotion Bars

For low-waste living, look no further than lotion bars. Ethique features a plant-based option with cocoa butter and a fresh orange and vanilla scent in solid form. It’s equal to two bottles of lotion, except without the excess packaging. Or, Ren Skincare’s body cream is housed in a bottle made from recycled ocean plastic and it’s able to be recycled again after it’s empty. For a great natural hand lotion specifically, try B Kind’s Nourishing hand balm with coconut oil. It’s tube is also created from ocean-bound plastic, and is fully recyclable after use. Less waste means all the more sustainable.

Organic Lotion

If you’re looking for a lotion featuring organic ingredients, check out Organic Bath Co.’s body butter. Their simple formula employs argan oil’s well-known moisturizing properties to create a rich and potent cream. We’ve featured the unscented version here, but if you’d prefer a little essential oil fragrance, check out more options in our Clean Beauty shop.

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15 of the Best Vegan Shoes for Women

Vegan Shoes For Women

Start treating sustainability like the default with our curated collection of vegan shoes for women. Find sustainable alternatives to your favorite footwear and discover that the more eco-friendly a shoe, the better. The brands featured here have worked to improve the modern shoe with innovative materials such as vegan apple leather, organic cotton canvas, recycled plastic, and other sustainably sourced components. There’s lots to explore, so we’ve broken it down for you.

Vegan Boots

Because boots are some of the most durable shoes, they tend to be made of animal products, plastic, and unethically sourced textiles. The boots we feature here are changing that standard. They’re created with ethically sourced natural rubber, cork insoles, and faux leathers made from vegetable fibers. These materials keep the boots waterproof and resilient, while remaining sustainable and thoughtful to the planet.

Vegan Sandals

Light and airy sandals: the perfect summer shoes. We’ve picked the best sandals that will take you from morning to night with style, comfort, and support. Check out Reformation’s organic cotton espadrilles for a fresh step. Or, try Melissa’s sleek vegan sandals for a classic Birkenstock-inspired look.

Vegan Sneakers

For a truly versatile shoe, look no further than the sneaker. It’s why we love them so much. They’re able to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and can carry us from spring to fall. But too often, we hear of the sneaker industry being rife with sweatshops and unethical manufacturing, irresponsible sourcing and unsustainable practices. The sneakers we featured here are anything but. Discover Saola’s innovative vegan running shoe made from natural cork, algae, and recycled materials. Or, check the fan-favorite Veja for a classic sneaker made with high quality organic cotton-canvas and ethically-sourced wild rubber.

Vegan Heels

For those days when you feel like dressing up, we’ve collected beautiful, stylish, colorful, and (of course) eco-friendly vegan heels for your consideration. Find Sylven’s vegan apple-leather heels for a modern twist on a classic heeled boot. Check out Beyond Skin’s vintage-inspired shoe for something striking, or Cult of Coquette’s velvet pump for something classic and iconic.

And there’s still more to discover! Peruse the choices below and rest assured that each is eco-friendly, ethical, responsibly-made, and worthy of being added to your closet. To complete your cruelty-free wardrobe, check out our collection of vegan bags.

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Our Favorite Sustainable Summer Shirts for Men

Sustainable Summer Shirts for Men

The logic of a summer shirt for men should be simple. Lightweight, breathable, airy. Styled depending on your mood; a striking resort print, a natural linen hue, or a basic but classic polo top. We’ve curated a collection of summer shirts that will take you from cool mornings to summer heat and beyond.

Sustainable Fabrics

At Goodstuff we like to provide sustainable alternatives to your favorites so you can treat your eco-friendly values as the default. As with many clothing items, when brands begin looking for processes to improve sustainability, they start creating better products as  a whole. The men’s summer shirt is no exception. Featured here, you will find fabrics like Tencel, hemp, and recycled fibers, along with staples like linen shirts and organic cotton. These fabrics are used to create the perfect shirts to accompany your summer activities, wherever they may take you.

Silk Shirts

Silk shirts are a cornerstone in the summer wardrobe for a reason. Their lightweight quality and eye-catching dyes make sure they remain popular year after year. Try Ziran’s options for shirts that can be styled up as dressy statements or just worn as street wear for hot summer days.

Vegan Shirts

Interested in vegan options? No problem. Check out an organic cotton white polo shirt for a fresh and classic look with solid colors. Unrecorded’s option meets our standards for ethical sourcing as well, so you can add it with confidence to your summer lineup. For bold patterns and a fun resort look, try Octobre’s striped capri shirt. It’s created from Lyocell, another sustainable fiber similar to Tencel, and perfect for styling poolside. If denim is your go-to, Industry of All Nations features an upcycled denim shirt made with fiber scraps collected from their factory. With these scraps, they created a lightweight camp shirt that’s perfect for everyday wear.

Remember we curated this collection with the conscious consumer in mind. Each is vetted for ethical standards and eco-friendly manufacturing so you can discover your new favorite shirts to spend summer in. To complete your summer outfit, check out our collection of sustainable men’s swimwear.

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24 Natural Lip Colors for Eco-Friendly Elegance

24 Natural Lip Colors for Eco-Friendly Elegance

An essential step in any clean beauty routine is natural lip color. Whether you like just a swipe of tinted lip balm or a full-on lined and lipsticked pout, you’re going to need the best product to fit your requirements. It’s easy to fall into the trap of popping down to the drugstore and picking up something you like the color of. But we think lip color needs a little more consideration than taking home what first caught your eye in the makeup aisle. We like to look a little closer – alright a lot closer – and regard the packaging, the ingredients, and company ethos.

We’ve done the research into sustainable alternatives for you. Choose your new favorite color or find the perfect nude with the knowledge that the products curated here meet strict standards for sustainability and eco-friendliness. Or, if you want a little more of an in-depth look, keep reading.

Zero-Waste Packaging

We love low- and zero-waste beauty products. The idea of designing something to not end up in a landfill is a powerful one for an industry that makes up a significant amount of household waste. That’s why it’s important to consider the packaging of your makeup before you make a purchasing decision. At the very least, packaging should be recyclable, but we don’t think it should stop there. Many beauty brands feel the same way and are featuring refillable makeup and biodegradable packaging such as bamboo.

Natural Ingredients 

The natural world provides the best ingredients with which to base skincare and makeup products. Moisturizing oil and butters, fresh scents, vegan color; each is already present within nature and able to be harvested if we do it with care and conscience. Instead of artificial colors, fragrances, and chemicals, the brands we’ve curated focus on sustainable and natural ingredients to make their products the best they can be. Discover the best organic lipsticks and cruelty-free, vegan lipsticks below.

Multi-Tasking Products

Lip and cheek tints and multi-use color sticks are amazing for lots of reasons. First, it’s easy to create a pulled-together look when you use the same color to tint your lips, cheeks, and even eyelids – if you’re feeling like a serious pop of color. Second, instead of three different products, it significantly cuts down on packaging waste and general consumption to purchase one multitasking product. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested in simplifying your routine while still keeping a polished look.

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Sustainably Sourced Vegan Bags and Purses

Sustainably Sourced Vegan Bags and Purses

Undeniably, the silhouettes of leather handbags have always been a fundamental influence in fashion. But although leather is a symbol of luxury, the processes behind these materials are often harsh for our planet and animals. With existing alternative practices, we have the proper tools to create beautiful choices with a greater intention. Here is our curated list of vegan bags and vegan purses, all sustainably sourced and curated for you.

Vegan Handbags

Hozen is a wonderful vegan accessory brand that offers dynamic colors of vegan crossbody bags. Their charismatic array of faux leather bags are excellent for your capsule wardrobe checklist. They also offer pops of color to take you through the seasons, not to mention their inclusion of recyclable packaging materials. 

With sustainable luxury on their mind, Moénn values initiatives that focus on the adoption of animal-free production and ethical labor. If you are a chic minimalist looking for an essential accessory, Moénn’s take on the brown tote bag is a great choice. With warmth in the air, their pieces are beautiful options for Summer handbags.

Bags Made From Recycled Materials

It’s important to avoid vegan leather that is created with polyvinyl chloride, as these microplastic materials can be highly toxic. So we’ve included products that are materialized with biodegradable resources that divert from such consequences.


One high quality vegan alternative for leather is polyurethane, a biodegradable solution that significantly reduces our carbon footprints. The HFS Collective is another brand that includes recycled polyester and recycled plastic bottles in their production techniques. This eco-friendly initiative actively reduces plastic waste. 

Choosing vegan purses over leather is an amazing way to practice environmental mindfulness. With evolving practices and the encouragement of sustainability, it’s never been easier to find upcycled and cruelty free accessories.

Looking for the dress to go with your perfect bag? Take a look at our Eco Friendly and Modest Summer Dresses collection here.

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Organic Kids Clothes For Every Season of Playtime

Organic Kids Clothes For Every Season of Playtime

If you’re in a place where your kids actually let you decide what they wear, take advantage of it, because this stage doesn’t last long. Good clothes are immensely important to your child’s daily life, wellbeing, and happiness. And, as a parent, you’re always on the lookout for safe, non-toxic, preferably organic kid’s clothes. There’s the durability to consider; whether a garment is going to withstand the trials and tribulations of your little one’s playtime. And there’s the question of whether a piece is going to support and nourish them through fun prints and thoughtful design.

Spring Clothes for Kids

The season for kid’s rain jackets and blooming flowers. Enjoy this renewing time of year with fresh, transitional pieces to nourish your child. You’ll want to look for lightweight sweaters and tees to pair with a favorite pant, short, or dress.

Kids Summer Clothes

The season for cotton dresses and rompers for kids. A time for play and exploration as school gets out and the days get longer and warmer. You’ll want to look for light and breezy pieces to outfit your little ones. Discover fun prints that they’ll enjoy wearing and choose natural fabrics that are safe for sensitive skin.

Kids Fall Clothes

The season for leaf piles and apple cider. Check out the kids jean-jacket and high-top shoes for versatility and support.

Winter Clothes for Kids

The season for kids outwear and cozy organic kids pajamas. Seek out super-soft organic fabrics and wool sweaters for a warm winter. Check jackets and joggers for snow days.

Many of the pieces we feature are able to transition between multiple seasons, allowing your little one a wardrobe in which their favorite garments are always available. This also allows for mindful consumerism of fashion on your part, as needing less cuts down significantly on consumption and eases your carbon footprint. Remember each piece of clothing here meets strict ethical and eco-friendly standards, as well as your own standards for safe and comfortable clothing for your child.

Looking for more shoes? Check our collection of sustainable slip-on shoes for little ones. You’ll find the perfect versatile shoe with mindful design and support for your child.

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The Best Vegan Beauty Products for Radiant Skin

The Best Vegan Beauty Products for Radiant Skin

Your skin is beautifully unique and it’s incredibly important to find the best natural skin care that works best for you. With a combination of essential botanicals and enriching ingredients, we’ve done the research to find vegan beauty products that are dedicated to ensuring the health of your skin and the protection of our ecosystems. 

The Benefits of Vegan Skincare Products

Incorporating a skincare routine that is entirely botanic and plant-based is as natural as you can get. Vegan products also steer clear from the use of animal by-products and are entirely ethically sourced. Our collection proudly features products that do not contain synthetic or artificial additives. Did you know that your skin absorbs about 60% of what you apply to it? By choosing formulas that are completely organic, you are opting for the safest choice. 

Choosing Natural Ingredients Helps Our Environment

Products that link to animal testing and artificial practices often have a huge impact on deforestation. No to mention the well-being of wildlife and their habitats. Choosing organic alternatives is choosing safety and traceability. In addition to our favorite cruelty free skincare brands, the products we’ve selected are produced sustainably and support the effort of a green conscious lifestyle. It’s a win for you, and a win for our planet.

From hydrating facial cleansers to tea-tree toners, we can provide products you’ll want to use again and again. Whether your routine is a 16-step affair or a minimalist regime, these vegan beauty products are easy to use. 

We know there is a myriad of options to pick from. With this in mind, we’ve curated a guide of the best best natural skin care products that can fit seamlessly into your life. Your skin deserves a gentle touch and choosing vegan cosmetics is the perfect way to build a healthy skincare regime. Take a look and discover organic and natural options from brands we’ve gathered. We do all the research to make sustainable shopping easier for you. 

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Vegan Boots and Shoes For Men

Vegan Boots and Shoes For Men

What do you look for in a pair of shoes to make sure they’re worthy of being one of your new wardrobe essentials? We start by making sure they’re durable, and able to withstand everything life chooses to throw our way. They need to be stylish, with a good shape, and enough support to keep you comfortable all day long. And, here at GoodStuff, we make sure they’re responsibly sourced, because we care about where our clothes come from and who makes them. When you share all these priorities, the decision to actually buy a new pair of shoes can be difficult and tedious. Because where can you find a pair of shoes that check all these boxes? With this question in mind, we put together a collection of vegan boots and shoes curated with the shared values between us and you: the conscious consumer.

These Vegan Boots Are Made For Walking

Reduce your carbon footprint with every step you take. Vegan shoes are an eco-friendly alternative to check out before you commit to your next shoe purchase. Instead of using animal by-products, try going for a vegan tan leather substitute to add to your conscious wardrobe. The ethical shoe brands curated here feature durable vegan leather that rivals the real thing, and is significantly more eco-friendly. These have the potential to be your new favorite pair of vegan work boots. For a dressier style, check out the vegan chelsea boots, known for their polish and decidedly british feel.

The Classic Canvas Shoe for Men

If you’re attracted to a look that’s timeless and more uniquely versatile, we feature canvas shoes that are sourced from organic cotton and recycled materials. These shoes can amazingly complement a wide variety of occasions from a sporting event to a casual get-together to even a business setting. High-top or low-top, we’ve included both, so you can focus on discovering your new favorite fit.

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10 Vegan Shoes Brands for Men

When picking out your next pair of shoes, you want them to fit your style. You need them to feel great on your feet as you’re out and about or lounging around.

And by paying attention to the brand you select, your shoes can also support the environment.

As the name suggests, vegan shoe brands are made without any animal by-products or materials. Instead of leather, wool or other animal products, vegan shoes are made of synthetic fabrics that don’t involve animal resources. With vegan shoe brands, you don’t have to choose between great style and environmental sustainability.

With so many shoe brands out there, you may be wondering where you can start your search for that next great pair of footwear. To help, here we share 10 of the best shoe brands for men.