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12 Best Denim Jackets Sourced From Organic Cotton

10 Best Denim Jackets Sourced From Organic Cotton

Denim For All & All For Denim!

The denim jacket rose to fame during the 1960s and has become a closet staple ever since. No matter the season and no matter the time, it proves to be a stylish garment that you can pair with endless variations. With improved technology and accessibility to sustainable materials, there are many ethical clothing brands that offer a sustainable denim jacket made with organic cotton.

With that in mind, we’ve carefully grouped ethically sourced denim jackets for you to browse through. These sustainable denim brands offer a unique spin on this classic look!

A Classic Organic Denim Jacket That’ll Keep You Snug

Kuyichi is one of our favorite sustainable clothing brands that makes sustainable jeans and denim jackets that are high quality and long-lasting. They use recycled PET polyester within their sherpa fabrics to line the Chelsea Jacket. This piece is also GOTS and OEKO-Tex certified, making this garment organic and non-toxic.Kuyichi’s fitted jacket will definitely keep you warm and comfy during those colder days!

The Timeless Essence of an Ethical Denim Jacket

There really isn’t a right or wrong way to wear a jean jacket, and that’s why we love it so much. It goes great for casual occasions, or you can simply throw one on as a stylish choice for transitional weather. And although we appreciate the modern look of blue denim, there are also a ton more styles to discover.

Let’s take a look at Triarchy, a carbon-neutral denim brand that is committed to reforestation, renewable energy, and social responsibility. Their playful take comes in many shades, and we are so excited about their white denim jacket. This product is weaved with 100% organic cotton and recycled materials. Triarchy is all about transparency so they even list the positive impacts their garments have on our planet.

If white isn’t necessarily your flare, how about a black denim jacket? We’ve got plenty of options for you from some of our favorite sustainable companies. 

Sustainable Denim

Nudie Jeans takes you on a journey of how they craft their clothing. Seriously, they list every step and process on their product pages! Their relaxed-fit denim jacket comes in a washed-out black made from organic cotton. It’s constructed with tons of pockets to help you utilize your outfits.

For something along the edgier side, Boyish presents a cropped denim jacket for those who were born to be wild. This upcycled garment includes recycled cotton to help reduce carbon emissions as well as water usage. You can responsibly rock this jacket knowing you’re helping to minimize our carbon footprint. 

If you’re loving this collection, take a peek at our list of ethically made light jackets for more stylish essential sourced from sustainable materials.

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Organic Pajamas: 11 Of Our Favorite Men’s Sleepwear Pieces

Sustainable Sleepwear | Men's Pajama Sets

Getting Some Shuteye With Our Favorite Organic Pajamas

Sleep is a fundamental function that allows our body and mind to recharge, and there’s nothing more refreshing than getting cozy with a set of super-soft sleepwear. We’ve gathered ethically sourced organic cotton pajamas that will help you achieve that perfect slumber. You’ll want to spend your whole day in these sustainable pajamas, and we won’t blame you for it. We all deserve a good night’s sleep, afterall, it’s a moment for rejuvenation. 

Sustainable Loungewear: The Comfiest Pajamas

When looking for sustainable sleepwear, we want to make sure our favorite picks are not only comfortable but also safe for our skin and the environment. Here are some amazing brands that craft eco-friendly nightclothes.

Ettitude is a bedding company that provides comfort with a conscience. This brand offers bamboo pajamas and shirts made from 100% organic bamboo. Its breathable weave cools and adjusts for a comfortable sleep. You’ll love lounging, relaxing and sleeping in these classically tailored pieces that are all free from harmful chemicals. It’s the perfect option for sensitive skin! 

Cotton Pjs & Sleepwear

Unwind and exhale with UpWest’s line of eco-friendly organic cotton pajamas. These stress-free lounge pants were made to help you fall asleep. Their cotton sleepwear is sustainably made from recycled materials and organic cotton. Additionally, UpWest has also created their own foundation that donates to charitable organizations with proceeds from their products. 

A Silky, Smooth Men’s Pajama Set

Looking for something a bit more luxurious? Don’t worry, we are here to help. If you’re searching for fabric softer than cotton, Mommesilk has all the right men’s silk pajamas for you. Their mulberry silk pieces are skin-friendly and buttery soft. With our planet in mind, all of Mommesilk’s products are OEKO certified, making them non-toxic and eco-friendly. They support local farmers that don’t use pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

We’ve also curated a sleepwear collection for women. You can discover even more sustainable pajamas with our guide here.

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Men’s Sustainable Shorts To Add To Your Everyday Wardrobe

Men’s Sustainable Shorts To Add To Your Everyday Wardrobe

Sustainable shorts come in so many different forms and styles. They prove to be dependable and can be a go-to for almost any occasion. From playing tennis at the park, hanging out at the beach, or simply soaking up the sun. Here are some of our favorite organic shorts for men that are ethically made from organic cotton and durable fabrics. You’ll love these sustainable clothing brands!

Comfy Shorts for Everyday Wear!

Alex Crane is an eco-friendly clothing brand that makes breezy clothes with sustainable fabrics. Their collection of soft shorts are 100% sustainably grown French linen and dyed with organic, GOTS certified pigments. They gently wash their garments with biodegradable enzymes so they’ll feel super soft from the first wear.

The Benefits of Linen Shorts

Alex Crane naturally sources their linen from flax. It helps regulates heat and it’s incredibly antimicrobial so it doesn’t hold odor. Their linen shorts are also a stronger substitute for cotton and it only requires sun and rain to grow, no irrigation or fertilizer is needed! Once they harvest their linen, they then process the fibers without any chemicals and only use natural dye for 100% biodegradability.

Organic Cotton Shorts For Daily Comfort 

If you’re loyal to cotton shorts, Tentree is a great place to look. They use organic cotton twill to make sustainable everyday shorts that you can wear comfortably. This wardrobe essential is made with the smallest environmental footprint and eco-friendly materials. Every item you purchase equates to 10 new planted trees. Over 64 million trees later, Tentree commits to do better and work harder towards a more sustainable future. 

Going for something more classic and nostalgic? Then denim shorts are your go-to. Unspun is a unique tech-style brand that engineers jeans more sustainably to help reduce global carbon emissions through thoughtful manufacturing. This eco-conscious company locally sources their low-impact fabrics from organic cotton. Unspun also implements new methods to reduce energy consumption and landfill waste. 

Last but not least, we can’t forget about a trusty pair of mens athletic shorts. Allbirds has created a line of running shorts that wick moisture and keeps you cool for every stretch, stride and squat. Whether you’re on the move or carrying out daily chores, these shorts made from recycled materials will support you with every stride.

Need a pair of shoes to go with your shorts? Take a look at our collection of vegan sneakers for some great options!

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13 Sustainable Sweaters That Were Made To Keep You Warm

13 Organic Cardigans & Sweaters for Women

Sweater weather is arriving and we’re getting ready to warm up with the coziest sustainable sweaters. We know those cold nights and chilly mornings can be tough so we’ve rounded up our favorite eco-friendly and ethically sourced sweaters to help you stay comfy and pleasantly snug. This mix of eco-friendly clothing includes classic knitwear and playful pullovers to keep you heated from season to season. You’ll feel right at home in an organic cotton cardigan.

Breathable & Super Soft Eco-Friendly Sweaters & Cardigans

There’s nothing better than the comfort of an organic cotton cardigan, especially when it’s made with the softest fabrics available. We’ve gone ahead and found the comfiest sweaters and cardigans sourced from durable, organic and recycled materials. 

Driven to eradicate poverty, ABLE is an affordable sustainable clothing brand that empowers and employs women by creating new job opportunities. They want to make a change in the fashion industry and provide livable wages on a global scale. That’s why ABLE has created a clothing line with a focus on worker protection and equal opportunity. They also prioritize their environmental impact and promise to source sustainably. 

ABLE’s chunky womens recycled cotton sweaters are the perfect sustainable option for your knitwear needs. This detailed sweater is made from recycled cotton and stitched to last. If you choose to invest in their products, you can feel proud to know you are also helping women transform their communities. 

For even more stylish cotton tops, Dedicated has all the answers for you. This Sweden based company produces organic and cotton knits with fun stripes. Their fairtrade-certified cotton is made with care for people and the planet. This list also includes a couple of vegan sweaters for all of our plant-based lovers.

Womens Cotton Sweaters with a Minimalist Design

Fall is a fun time to experiment and play with new styles for your everyday wardrobe. If you’re looking for a vintage charm, check out Toad & Co for warm colors to satisfy your earthy-color pallet. They source their cardigans with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics so they are non-toxic and clean. They also carry blended sweaters spun with recycled wool for extra warmth. Toad & Co’s knitted garments will have you ready for Fall. 

The fun doesn’t end here. This list features more organic pieces with different styles to add to your closet. To get started on layering, take a look at our women’s jackets collection.

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8 Flannels Made From Sustainable Fabrics

Fall Clothes for Men | Responsible Sourced Flannels

The leaves are changing, the Autumn breeze is sweeping in and it’s almost that time of year to start layering up with your favorite flannels! This time around, we want to head into Fall with more intention and better shopping habits. That being said, here are some of our favorite sustainable clothing brands that offer an organic flannel shirt.

An Organic Flannel For A Fun Fall

Building a wardrobe around fall clothes is always so much fun, and it’s even better when you have sustainable options to choose from. Many of us can come to the agreement that flannel shirts are a favorite Fall-time essential. Their plaid designs are effortlessly classic – plus they are dependably warm.

There are a lot of fast fashion brands out there that use hazardous and synthetic materials to weave their flannels. It’s much better for you and our planet to prioritize organic clothing that supports ethical and cleaner production. This way, you can rock apparel that is safe on your skin and our environment.

Sustainable Shirts To Style In Autumn

First on our list, we have UpWest, a sustainable apparel company that makes minimalistic flannels for men. Their shirts incorporate organic cotton as well recycled fibers.  One of their main goals is to provide comfort while reducing the impact we have on landfills by using existing materials to create new clothing. Designed for ease, their striped flannel shirt is the perfect lightweight go-to for Autumn.

Designed with durable performance and super soft fabrics, Royal Robbins has mens flannel shirts you don’t want to miss. This clothing brand constructs their clothing with non-toxic, 100% organic cotton for everyday use. Based on a commitment towards ethical practices, all of their listed products are detailed with material specifications for easy-to read transparency. This is the flannel you’ll reach for on the daily!

You can always count on Taylor Stitch to lift your spirits with their cozy, soft and rugged line of flannels. Made from organic cotton chamois, their mid-weight and hearty flannel shirts are unbelievably soft to the touch. They source responsibly, they build ethically and they donate proceeds and excess fabric to educational and community organizations.

Looking for more sustainably sourced button ups? Explore our collection of ethically sourced shirts for men.

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Sustainable Kids Clothing: Jackets & Hoodies

Sustainable Kids Clothing: Jackets & Hoodies

Sustainable Kids Clothing To Keep Your Little Ones Warm

As the seasons begin to change, we want to help you look for eco-friendly kids jackets to help keep your little ones stay comfortable and warm. Fall and Winter are just around the corner, but a cold breeze won’t stop the joy of playtime. We’ve gathered ethical outerwear and clothes made from recycled materials that your kids will absolutely love. 

Ready, Set, Recycle! 

Primary is an eccentric kids clothing company that offers quality pieces. This brand carries an array of all sorts of colors and prints. Children love to express themselves, and with Primary’s selection of bright kids jackets, they can do so all while staying cozy. Their lightweight puffers are sourced from recycled polyester to reduce waste and give existing materials more usage.

Kids Hoodies, Coats & More!

With absolutely no toxic chemicals and 91% less water usage than conventional cotton, we present to you Pact’s line of the cutest eco friendly kids clothes. Coming in cartoon-like patterns from alligators to flowers, these pieces have fleece linings made from organic cotton. They also come with front kangaroo pockets big enough for holding little treasures.

Whatever the weather, Scandiborn’s recycled coats are here to help keep your kids dry for their mini escapades. This ultra stylish and non-toxic jacket is waterproof and windproof for added protection from wet weather. 

If you’re little ones are off on colder adventures, we’d recommend dressing them in something warmer. For example, Mini Rodini’s faux fur jacket derived from recycled polyester. All of their kids winter coats are GTS certified to ensure strict standards are practiced to help lessen our environmental impacts.

Looking for more kids clothes made from recycled materials to choose from? Go ahead and explore our collection of kids raincoats for those rainy and cloudy days!

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Organic Womens Clothes: Sustainable Workwear

Organic Womens Clothes: Sustainable Workwear

Organic Womens Clothes To Wear For Work

Whether you are working from home or slowly integrating back into office life, we want to make sure you are feeling comfortable yet stylish. Confidence is key, so why not dress for success? These sustainable clothing brands design graceful sustainable workwear attire for office-appropriate styles.

Our Favorite Work Shirts for Women 

From business casual to formal, you can set the right tone with our handpicked tops sourced from sustainable cotton. White work shirts exude simplicity and can be paired with trousers to finish a smart look. 

The New York based brand, Grammar, creates foundational pieces for a minimalist wardrobe. With elegant garments that commit to the highest standards of sustainability, this label has quite the selection of tailored dress shirts. Their cotton tops are incredibly soft and contain zero harmful toxins.

Eco Friendly Work Blouses

A blouse can make any outfit more sophisticated and bold. For instance, Eileen Fisher’s line of mandarin collar tencel shirts provides a polished look designed with versatility. Additionally, this piece is ethically made from responsibly harvested trees. Consider dressing your office outfit with a relaxed long sleeve from Filippa K. They source their blouses from recycled chiffon and plastic water bottles. 

Button Up Shirts for Meetings or Zoom Calls

For those of us who are telecommuting, we all know the struggles of a Zoom call. With technical difficulties and overwhelming meetings, the last thing you want to think about is what you are going to wear. What’s our solution? Button up shirts. It’s classic, easy to style and completely dependable. 

This collection of organic womens clothes has plenty of button ups to help you look sharp. If you need more inspiration for your office outfit, we highly recommend taking a look at our guide to vegan shoes and ethical jewelry.

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12 Sustainable Tank Tops To Add To Your Wardrobe

12 Sustainable Tank Tops To Add To Your Wardrobe

Sustainable tank tops are essential wardrobe staples that can be worn for a casual day or layered for a night out. There are truly so many versatile ways you can style a tank and we are so excited to share our favorites with you. Here are 12 amazingly conscious brands that offer cotton tank tops and more.

Conscious Clothes: Organic Cotton Tank Tops & More

Everlane never fails to give us affordable basics. Their ribbed tank tops made from organic cotton feature a figure-flattering fit that is sleek yet understated. It’s ultra-breathable and comfortable for any occasion you find yourself in. 

If you want to add more stripes into your closet, Boden is the place to find the best striped tank top. They commit to sustainable cotton farming and quality craftmandship. Quince also has a line of organic linen black tank tops that are perfect for those warmer days.

The Versatility of a White Tank Top

A white tank top can go a long way. Pair it with your favorite oversized blazer or with a long flowy skirt. You’ll go from business to casual in a blink of an eye. YesAnd is an advocate for sustainable fashion and proudly incorporates certified organic, low-impact dyed and ethically made tanks for everyday wear. Every purchase plants a tree, so you’ll be supporting sustainable forestry and looking great while doing so!

The Cropped Tank Top

Everyone loves a cropped top so we’ve included a couple of these options for you, and even better, these products are also consist of recycled materials. As a leader of conscious fashion, it is no surprise that Amour Vert has an amazing line of upcycled tanks. Their cropped tank tops are crafted from repurposed leftover materials. 

Another favorite brand of ours is Girlfriend, a company that is passionate about size inclusivity. They’ve created a collection of cropped tanks made from recycled plastic bottles.

You’ve found the perfect tank top, now you just need a pair of pants to go with them! Check out our collection of sustainable pants and explore more options.

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6 Kids Raincoats Made From Sustainable Fabrics

6 Kids Raincoats Made From Sustainable Fabrics| Made With Sustainable Fabrics, Recycled Fabrics

Getting wet is fun, but what about the days when we want our kids to be able to watch the storm without getting soaked? A kids raincoat is a must-have for these occasions. We’ve chosen our top picks made from durable, sustainable fabrics that also offer versatility for little ones. You’ll find fun prints to nourish imaginations, classic neutrals, and bold colors suitable for every individual’s style.

A Cute Classic: The Kids’ Yellow Raincoat

On children, the yellow raincoat is a distinctive piece for it’s timeless, classic, and adorable look. To showcase the style, we’ve chosen Mini Rodini’s Kids Windbreaker, which features ethically sourced, recycled fabrics. It offers cool, British styling for your little one’s wardrobe.

Recycled Fabrics

Many kids windbreakers ensure a waterproof finish with recycled fabric. This also makes them more sustainable as it creates a circular-loop process that diverts plastic from the environment. Consequently, ocean-bound plastic can get a second life as a useful piece of clothing. Boden Kids’ Waterproof Parka features recycled filling to create a cozy padding that’s complete with a fun print to support your little one’s imagination. Primary Kids Clothes offers a similar, slightly padded jacket made entirely of recycled ripstop polyester. All children can enjoy Primary’s gender-neutral offerings. Their lightweight jacket in particular, shines as a bright, stylish, and comfy design that’s 100% kid-oriented.

Faire Child’s innovative kids rain jacket is a byproduct of their “Endlessly Reusable” ethos and production model. Yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles forms the base for their high-performance fabric and raincoats. When the garment is no longer wearable, Faire Child offers a program for customers to send back the piece so it can be recycled again.

Looking for something without plastic though? Check for our Plastic-Free tag on clothing items. Consider The Simple Folk’s raincoat, which uses a natural wax to water-proof the organic cotton material.

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20 Sustainable Loungewear Picks

20 Sustainable Loungewear Picks

Modern sustainable loungewear walks the subtle line between casual everyday wear and pjs. There’s a special kind of comfort to wearing these clothes. Especially if you manage to buy a matching set. Can you dress it up? Sometimes. Throw a blazer over your sweatsuit and you’ve got an improvised three-piece suit that is low-maintenance and decidedly american. Or, you can pick a velvet or velour-type set for a high-end aesthetic. The point is: wearing loungewear no longer means you look like you put on the first thing you found under your bed. Today’s options for sweatsuits offer thoughtful styling and high-standard fabrics. You just have to find them.

Every label tries their hand at creating the definitive loungewear set or sweatsuit. Sifting through every option is quite a task, especially when your values lay not just in style. At GoodStuff, we love a good-looking style, sure. But more importantly, we look at the materials, processes, and corporate responsibility behind the garment. We make sure that what we offer to you is responsibly sourced, ethically made, and eco-friendly. For us, sustainability is the default. And we’re here to help you shop with the same mindset.

Organic Cotton Sweatshirts and Sweatpants

Cotton is a favorite textile for a reason: its unmatched versatility. Organic cotton is even better as it’s farmed with environmental conscience and responsibility. It makes sweatshirts and sweatpants into elevated essentials instead of dreaded last-resorts. Conscious Clothing’s tie dye hoodie is created from organic cotton fleece and hemp that gets softer with each wear. Quince’s wide-leg lounge pants come in a signature SuperSoft fabric. So named for it’s soft and comfortable quality; perfect for every season. With these high-standard fabrics and eco-friendly processes, these brands are leading the way for stylish and sustainable loungewear.

Looking for alternatives to cotton? Amour Vert offers a ribbed sweatshirt created from FSC-certified beechwood fibers. This fully-traceable fabric is soft and comfortable, yet durable enough to hold it’s stylish shape and structure.

Cropped Hoodies

An increasingly popular loungewear item, cropped hoodies offer modern style with a distinctive silhouette. For example, Selva Negra’s cropped fleece hoodie features stylish detailing including an elasticized hem. Or, Nu-In’s color block sweatshirt mixes streetwear with athleisure to create a comfortable lounge piece. Both options are ethically-made with 100% cotton designs.

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12 Sustainable Jackets for Women That Are Ethically Sourced

Light Jackets for Women | Ethical Outerwear

Layering outerwear can enhance any outfit and introduce new silhouettes to your wardrobe. If you are looking for new styles to play around with, this guide is here to help. We’ve handpicked sustainable jackets for women that can be incorporated into any ensemble. With respect to our environment and fair labor, all of these pieces are ethically sourced. This curated collection will help you find the perfect cotton jacket & more.

The Double Breasted Blazer

Oversized tailoring has become a modern style in everyday wear. Firstly, we have Mother of Pearl, an ethical clothing label that embraces the oversized look with their double breasted blazer. Mother of pearl focuses on the inclusion of natural fibers and sustainable forestry; this lovable brand plants new trees to replenish the natural resources they use to create their garments.

Your Go-To Sustainable Black Denim Jacket

Boyish offers a collection of sustainable women’s denim jackets that focuses on vintage inspired styles. Additionally, their classic denim jacket has an added feminine touch. It comes with a cropped finish, a pointed collar and puffed sleeves. A vegan shirt jacket from Nu-in can be another great go-to option. This oversized jacket can even work double as outerwear or a dress. We love our essentials and we know you do too.

Cotton Jackets for Womens

We appreciate the many forms a cotton jacket can have. Take for example The R Collective’s camo jacket or Another Tomorrow’s cotton jacket in a playful plaid. Both derive from sustainable cotton yet each is unique and offers different styles of its own. With a promise towards sustainability, Kowtow garments are free from toxic sprays, metals and solvents. 

Plant-Based Outfits

A faux leather jacket can also be worn dynamically. Layer it onto a floral dress for a bit of edge, or with a pair of your favorite jeans to fulfill your rockstar fantasies. Amour Vert designs a line of vegan leather jackets crafted from organically sourced cactus. It’s a natural alternative to animal by-products. Finally, vegan leather that feels amazing and looks great too!

Looking for more sustainable jackets? Take a peek at sustainable denim jackets for some eco-friendly options. 

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Sustainable Mens Clothing Brands: 16 Sustainable Pants

Sustainable Mens Clothing Brands: 12 Sustainable Pants

Pants and trousers are essential articles of clothing that will always be in style. No matter the season and no matter the trend. With our planet in mind, here is our list of sustainable pants for everyday wear. You can check these timeless garments off of your capsule wardrobe checklist with the help of our favorite sustainable mens clothing brands.

Eco Friendly Clothing Essentials

Slow fashion has made its mark and we want to help you find pieces that are not only eco friendly, but also crafted to last longer. Produced with traditional craftsmanship and locally grown cotton, Industry Of All Nations has the perfect relaxed, white chino pants for all occasions. With their line of planet-first manufacturing methods, you can easily find plenty of other eco essentials that include beige pants and black trousers. The basics are always back. 

Creating Clothes With Sustainable Practices

Our curated brands proudly stand with innovative and sustainable practices to deliver quality and sustainability. Tentree is no exception. One of our favorite classic products they offer is their organic cotton pants in breathable, ethically sourced fabrics. 

With every product they showcase, they also provide the environmental impact each item has. Tentree also plants 10 trees for every purchase made. Everlane naturally carries similar wardrobe essentials, like the infamous green cargo jogger pants outfitted with tons of pockets for maximized utility. It’s casual and practical. 

What do you call a successful chain of hemp-based product stores? A hempire. Rag & Bone has a line of hemp pants that are also cotton blended, using only one-third the amount of water as other crops. It’s a great option that’ll help conserve natural resources.

Patterned Pants

Sustainable pants come in so many different styles and it’s totally fine to get a little funky every now and then. Ever heard of Local Pattern? They are a contemporary clothing brand sustainably crafted in Barcelona. In collaboration with local artists, they’ve made fossil printed white wide leg trousers. These drop crotch pants are made with added comfort from Tencel. Talk about a pair of party pants! Keep scrolling through to find more styles from the best sustainable mens clothing brands.

Complete your outfit with a lightweight jacket from another one of our curated collections here

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Breathable Linen and Cotton Tops for Women

Breathable Linen and Cotton Tops for Women

It’s no surprise that linen and cotton tops have transformed our closets with practical pieces we love to wear. These breathable fabrics keep us cool on warmer days with effortless outfits. Throw on some blue jeans and a white linen shirt and you’re good to go. Here are our must-have breathable linen and cotton tops for women. 

Floral Tops for Spring? Groundbreaking

Floral tops are nothing to be embarrassed about. No matter the season, these breezy options are irresistible and all the more comfortable. Crafted with our planet in mind, Tamaga Designs has created a line of carbon neutral womens cotton blouses that have cheeky ruffles and floral accents.  Patterned shirts can elevate any simple outfit for anytime of the year.

Effortless and Breathable

Breathable shirts come in all sorts of shapes and forms. Have fun with the possibilities and try going for a striped blouse from Bozena Jankowska, a clothing brand that is devoted to slow fashion and environmental awareness. You’ll look chic in any of their garments, all sourced from surplus fabrics. 

The Linen Button Down Shirt You’re Looking For

Materialized from eco friendly fibers that require less water, fertilizers and irrigation, we present to you the organic linen button down shirt from Quince. It’s a classic fit that goes with just about everything.

The Classic T Shirt with a Twist

Hemp creates incredibly eco-friendly fabrics that produce significantly more fibre per acre than cotton. With this in mind, Jungmaven uses a mixture of organic cotton and hemp to create their collection of hemp t shirts. It’s a classic look, but with more care and much more attention to sustainability.

Need a pair of pants to go with your tops? Take a look at our favorite casual pants and discover more. 

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Eco Friendly Womens Clothing: 12 Ethically Sourced Pants

Eco Friendly Womens Clothing: 12 Ethically Sourced Pants

With comfortability at the forefront of fashion, lightweight cotton fabric and linens have never been more convenient. We are huge fans of the wide leg fit for it’s combination of casual and chic. Here are our favorite cotton pants for women, sustainably sourced for all silhouettes. Take a look at these hand selected eco friendly womens clothing brands.

Why We Love Cotton Wide Leg Pants

What’s new with Nu-In? With plant-based fabrics alongside biodegradable materials, you can shop sustainably and affordably. Nu-In’s white vegan pants will suit any day out and night in. These pants are great options for a breezy fit, or something simple, like cotton loungewear. In any circumstance, these styles are practically effortless. And not to mention, super comfortable. With the right pair of shoes or boots, linen crop pants can also become your favorite go-to party pants. Who said a pair of pants are for one use and one use only? Definitely not us.

Casual Pants For Women

For something a little more structured and sleek, why not slip on a pair of tapered trousers? The Autark Label has mixed the classic pant with a safari twist, crafted from deadstock silk cotton. Partnered with a relaxed shirt, you’re ready to take on anything. It’s an easy combination. Black trousers are undeniably another essential wardrobe piece that pairs well with anything. It’s easy to style and timeless, so you can focus on whatever the world throws at you. 

Need a complimentary accessory to go with your outfit? Browse through our Sustainably Sourced Vegan Bags and Purses collection.

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Sustainable Outerwear For Men: 13 Casual Jackets

Sustainable Outerwear For Men: 13 Casual Jackets

Stay true to your style with our handpicked options of sustainably sourced light jackets. If men’s coats and jackets are on your moodboard, these conscious companies have got you covered, literally. Here are our top sustainable outerwear picks for men that include, vegan jackets, sustainable coats and more.

Casual Jackets for Versatility

The go-to jacket for all seasons exists, and you’re already one step closer to finding it. We take care of the hard part and do all research for you, So sit back, relax and shop with ease.  

Incorporate versatility into your wardrobe with a leather blazer made by Deadwood, a clothing company that uses recycled leather to create garments. Their pieces mimic the flare of vintage jackets to sport on an exciting night out. For an oversized-style fit, Story MFG has a boxy jacket that features removable and interchangeable buttons. If you love embroidery, you’ll definitely appreciate this beautiful piece.

Of course, our list also includes classic Men’s canvas jackets for all purposes and intent. Everlane’s cream blazer is an essential staple in outerwear that can be worn down or dressed up. For a Men’s utility-jacket-inspired garment, try Unrecorded’s worker jacket crafted from cotton twill.

Just in case the idea of a ‘lightweight jacket’ serves different meanings for our friends in colder climates, we’ve also sneaked in a blue puffer jacket made from biodegradable and recycled material. A warm day holds different meanings for each of us!

With functional style in mind, our collection of sustainable outerwear and sustainable coats can perform for any given day. You can easily style these choices with neutrals, added layers or patterned shirts. Check out our selection of men’s shirts here.

As always, we promise to connect you with high quality products that are sustainable and ethically sourced. Shopping made easy, by GoodStuff.

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Our Favorite Sustainable Summer Shirts for Men

Sustainable Summer Shirts for Men

The logic of a summer shirt for men should be simple. Lightweight, breathable, airy. Styled depending on your mood; a striking resort print, a natural linen hue, or a basic but classic polo top. We’ve curated a collection of summer shirts that will take you from cool mornings to summer heat and beyond.

Sustainable Fabrics

At Goodstuff we like to provide sustainable alternatives to your favorites so you can treat your eco-friendly values as the default. As with many clothing items, when brands begin looking for processes to improve sustainability, they start creating better products as  a whole. The men’s summer shirt is no exception. Featured here, you will find fabrics like Tencel, hemp, and recycled fibers, along with staples like linen shirts and organic cotton. These fabrics are used to create the perfect shirts to accompany your summer activities, wherever they may take you.

Silk Shirts

Silk shirts are a cornerstone in the summer wardrobe for a reason. Their lightweight quality and eye-catching dyes make sure they remain popular year after year. Try Ziran’s options for shirts that can be styled up as dressy statements or just worn as street wear for hot summer days.

Vegan Shirts

Interested in vegan options? No problem. Check out an organic cotton white polo shirt for a fresh and classic look with solid colors. Unrecorded’s option meets our standards for ethical sourcing as well, so you can add it with confidence to your summer lineup. For bold patterns and a fun resort look, try Octobre’s striped capri shirt. It’s created from Lyocell, another sustainable fiber similar to Tencel, and perfect for styling poolside. If denim is your go-to, Industry of All Nations features an upcycled denim shirt made with fiber scraps collected from their factory. With these scraps, they created a lightweight camp shirt that’s perfect for everyday wear.

Remember we curated this collection with the conscious consumer in mind. Each is vetted for ethical standards and eco-friendly manufacturing so you can discover your new favorite shirts to spend summer in. To complete your summer outfit, check out our collection of sustainable men’s swimwear.

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12 Sustainable Dresses For Warmer Days

12 Sustainable Dresses For Warmer Days

Sustainable dresses combine function and form into one garment. These dresses are versatile enough that you can find yourself doing anything, from running errands to enjoying the sun. For this collection, we’ve gathered eco friendly dresses from companies that care about our planet.

Ethically Sourced & Sustainable Summer Dresses

The dynamic of organic dresses goes above and beyond expectations. With a relaxing fit, you can comfortably wear these pieces for any occasion. A drink in the park, and even a day-to-night transition with a simple switch of footwear. The possibilities are endless. 

Organic Basics is on a mission to provide better products for a mindful future. Their shirt-dress is a contemporary approach to the classic t-shirt silhouette. Additionally, It’s fully functional and easy for when you’re in the mood to put on comfortable yet stylish. It’s a timeless and practical piece for everyday wear, crafted from sustainably sourced eucalyptus trees.

House-Dresses With Pockets & More Eco Friendly Dresses

If we’re talking functionality, Pyne and Smith is your go-to. With a line of knee-length house dresses with pockets, these garments are all ethically made in California in small batches. And yes, you read that correctly, these sustainably sourced dresses come equipped with pockets! 

Looking for more organic cotton clothing? Make sure to visit Deiji Studios for beautifully crafted sustainable summer dresses. This brand uses GOTS certified organic poplin cotton to make their totem dresses. This oversize dress can be worn at home, in bed or out!

The Rise of Cottagecore Dresses

Cottagecore has made its mark as a new fashion aesthetic that idealizes rural life and simple living. Inspired by earlier decades of agricultural lifestyles, cottagecore dresses have a certain whimsical look that we love. Our featured clothing brands have an abundance of different styles that support all the looks you’re going for. 

Heading to the beach for some Summer fun? Make sure to check out our Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swimwear collection here.

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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swimwear for Summer

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swimwear for Summer

Shopping for the perfect swimsuit can prove to be a challenge. There’s so much to consider, in terms of style, fabric and sustainability. We want to make that choice easier for you, so we rounded up amazing sustainable swimwear brands that celebrate the beauty of all bodies.

Summer Fun with Ethical Swimwear

With a chic, parisian touch, Boden swimwear comes with many lines of beautifully designed pieces. Whether you’re enjoying a beautiful day at the beach or spending some time with your friends at the pool, these swimsuits are made to last for any given occasion. We made sure to include a variety of recycled swimwear lines including a one shoulder swimsuit from Summer Salt and many other sets crafted from repurposed and recycled materials.

The Sustainable Bikini

Made from EcoRib, a recycled fabric built with nylon scraps, Vitamin A has innovatively created the sustainable bikini that’s lightweight, form flattering and incredibly breathable. The EcoRib fabric is a form of textile that has been crafted using a mechanical regenerative system, avoiding the use of any chemical materials. With a range of color options you’ll be able to mix and match to find your perfect set. In other words, you’ll be swimming guilt free with these non-toxic garments.

The Girlfriend Collective is another amazing company that emphasizes transparency and values focused on body inclusivity and positivity. Their OEKO-TEX certified sustainable swimwear collection offers extended sizing, affordability and versatile colors. From a bold, red swimsuit to a muted, earth toned one-piece, Girlfriend has plenty of alluring essentials to choose from. For even more eco conscious options, browse through our favorite picks of ready-to-wear, ethical swimsuits – thoughtfully curated by GoodStuff.

Looking for the best non-toxic sunscreens to protect your skin? Check out our collection of vegan sunscreen and, along with your new swimsuit, you’ll be ready for anything summer throws your way.

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Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear for Men

Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear for Men

What’s a better way to beat the heat than a day at the beach? With Summer officially arriving, many of us are going to enjoy the sun and hit those cool waters. We’ve curated a stylish list that features some of our favorite sustainable swimwear brands to help you find the perfect pair of swimming shorts.

Ethical Swimwear for a Mindful Summer

There are tons of amazing options out there that support ethical practices and sustainable processes. Swimwear brands in particular are known for utilizing recycled plastics and other recycled materials in their designs. To push these initiatives even further, Outer Known is one incredible brand that focuses on a circular model to reduce ocean debris. With commitments towards beach cleanups, Outer Known is able to repurpose plastic materials found in our seas into recycled swimwear. Their vision is to embrace relentless sustainability and encourage awareness of coastal waste and recycling.

Essential Shorts for a Summer Wardrobe

If you’re looking for a piece that’s more on the minimalist side, Everlane has got you covered with OEKO-TEX certified classic black swim shorts, made to be your go-to for days spent in the water and outside. Their Men’s ReNew Swim collection has plenty of great varieties you can choose from. On a lighter note, Ché Studios has thoughtfully crafted a line of men’s white swim trunks with a tailored style, designed to be versatile for those poolside days.

By choosing sustainable swimwear, we can significantly help reduce waste and look ever so stylish while doing so. All of our selections are consciously curated for your eco-friendly lifestyle. Shopping made easy, by GoodStuff.

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Organic Kids Clothes For Every Season of Playtime

Organic Kids Clothes For Every Season of Playtime

If you’re in a place where your kids actually let you decide what they wear, take advantage of it, because this stage doesn’t last long. Good clothes are immensely important to your child’s daily life, wellbeing, and happiness. And, as a parent, you’re always on the lookout for safe, non-toxic, preferably organic kid’s clothes. There’s the durability to consider; whether a garment is going to withstand the trials and tribulations of your little one’s playtime. And there’s the question of whether a piece is going to support and nourish them through fun prints and thoughtful design.

Spring Clothes for Kids

The season for kid’s rain jackets and blooming flowers. Enjoy this renewing time of year with fresh, transitional pieces to nourish your child. You’ll want to look for lightweight sweaters and tees to pair with a favorite pant, short, or dress.

Kids Summer Clothes

The season for cotton dresses and rompers for kids. A time for play and exploration as school gets out and the days get longer and warmer. You’ll want to look for light and breezy pieces to outfit your little ones. Discover fun prints that they’ll enjoy wearing and choose natural fabrics that are safe for sensitive skin.

Kids Fall Clothes

The season for leaf piles and apple cider. Check out the kids jean-jacket and high-top shoes for versatility and support.

Winter Clothes for Kids

The season for kids outwear and cozy organic kids pajamas. Seek out super-soft organic fabrics and wool sweaters for a warm winter. Check jackets and joggers for snow days.

Many of the pieces we feature are able to transition between multiple seasons, allowing your little one a wardrobe in which their favorite garments are always available. This also allows for mindful consumerism of fashion on your part, as needing less cuts down significantly on consumption and eases your carbon footprint. Remember each piece of clothing here meets strict ethical and eco-friendly standards, as well as your own standards for safe and comfortable clothing for your child.

Looking for more shoes? Check our collection of sustainable slip-on shoes for little ones. You’ll find the perfect versatile shoe with mindful design and support for your child.

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Our Best Jeans For Women

Our Best Jeans For Women

A good pair of jeans is like no other piece of clothing. From cowboys to Brooke Shields to Lil Nas X, the history of jeans is fluid and constantly evolving. Not many single articles of clothing have as rich and varied a heritage as a pair of jeans. Here at GoodStuff, we believe the next step in jean evolution is sustainable and ethically sourced denim. We don’t sacrifice our values for style. And we don’t have to, because the best jeans for women featured in this collection remain at the forefront of fashion while keeping their sustainable goals intact.

Wardrobe Essentials

We understand the pressure that comes with finding the perfect jean style. You want something that feels good and looks good. In clothing, comfort and style can sometimes feel mutually exclusive. That’s why we curated a wide range of fits and cuts to keep you covered, just the way you want. Jeans can suit any mood, and with that in mind, we curated this eco-friendly collection just for you.

Sustainable Denim Brands

Just because we have range doesn’t mean we lose sight of what’s important. When you shop from this collection, you can be assured that each piece has eco-friendly values sewn into its very thread. From vintage jeans to a decidedly modern pair of mid-rise skinny jeans, each pick has something unique that makes it worthy of a high-quality sustainable denim brand.

And one more thing that’s great about the jean material featured here: it’s made to last. We pick from manufacturers that know what they’re doing, and pass on that durability and trust in craft to you. Because the best jeans are the ones you want to slip into every day, and will withstand anything life throws at you.

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Our Best Jeans for Men

Our Best Jeans for Men

Jeans are one of the most important closet staples. But what should your priorities be when buying a pair? Besides style, of course. At GoodStuff we like to consider certain aspects like where the natural denim was sourced, who made the jeans, and how they were manufactured. We find all this out through our strict system of research and vetting before handing over the discovery part to you. When you check out these selections of the best jeans for men, know that each is well worth adding to your everyday wear.

Jean Material

Originally developed to stand up to the cowboy lifestyle, denim was designed to be reliable and long-lasting. Raw denim can be both ultra-durable and age with a grace unlike any other piece of clothing.

Slim-Fit Jeans

In this era, there’s not many pieces that remain at the forefront of fashion quite like the ever-so-versatile skinny jean. Its sleek silhouette promises a tenacity as one of the most popular jean cuts. So does its insistence on showing up in so many places as the pant of choice for many icons. If you too like a polished fit, check out the skinny jeans featured here to find some that are ethically made and sustainable.

A Clothing Essential

Even though these pieces are popular, a pair of jeans is inherently meant to be an individual, unique to each person. Every detail, from a tapered leg to pocket embroidery, is meant to be just what the wearer needs. This mindset is a continuation of the mindful consumption we advocate at GoodStuff. Slow fashion and slow, mindful purchasing ensures that what we buy, we buy for a reason. Not because we want something for a minute, but because we need it for a while. When we feel a resonance with a piece of clothing, we can begin to think about this mindset in other aspects of our lifestyle. These are the building block to a sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical way of life.

Looking for some vegan boots to finish your outfit? Check our collection of vegan boots and shoes for men. There’s a wide range of style there, so you’re sure to find one (or two) that you’ll be reaching for day after day.

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15 of the Comfiest Sustainable Pajamas

15 of the Comfiest Sustainable Pajamas

Sleepwear is something easy to skimp on. At the end of a long day, throwing on an old band tee and some mix-matched flannel pants or lounge shorts feels good enough to be ready for bed. But seeing as we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, we should really reconsider what we sleep in. We think you deserve something better. Something that’s healthy and clean for you, and ethical and kind for the planet. To that end, we sought out the sustainable pajamas of your dreams.

Women’s Cotton Pajamas

Natural fibers and organic fabrics over polyester or plastic materials are well worth it for all your clothes, but sleepwear in particular, seeing as we’re meant to be as comfortable as possible while sleeping. Check out a super soft white pajama set; soft, fresh, and amazing for any time of year. Add an organic cotton robe if you feel the need for a little cover-up or extra warmth and enjoy the natural textures and values of each piece’s fabric. Slow fashion has something to teach everyone about how we should be treating our clothes and bodies. What we wear has the power to be a mindful and personal experience if we just let it.

Satin Pajama Sets

While organic cotton sleepwear is great and definitely an essential if your looking for organic basics, sometimes you feel like something more special for nighttime. With this collection, we wanted to provide you with both. For instance, there’s few things that feel better on the skin than a silky satin sleep set. Like cotton, there are a myriad of styles for sleepwear in satin, but we’ve chosen the definitive sets to keep you comfortable at night. Consider the satin cami slip for a light and pretty look, or check out the sleep shorts to complete a set. As always, our choices are vetted for ethical brands and non-toxic materials, so rest assured these pieces are both.

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Have You Any Wool

Often the overlooked outlier, the once wayward sheep might have finally found its niche within
a more sustainable herd.

Sheeps wool is an all-natural alternative to consider as you begin to adjust your shopping
habits this Fall. Wool products not only have long lifespans (they can be used or worn longer
than other textile fibre products!), but wool textiles are often washed less frequently, and at
lower temperatures, which means less impact on the environment.

With that kind of fair trade, we are definitely going to flock over these wool-based favorites: