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8 Sustainable Winter Hats & Beanies for Cold Weather

8 Warm & Fashionable Beanies for Cold Weather

If you’re looking for ways to be fashionable and warm for the colder seasons ahead, cozy sustainable winter hats can get that job done. Winter accessories can really elevate your outfits to new levels. This curated collection features soft and comfy beanies all made with ethical fabrics from affordable sustainable clothing brands. Who said bundling up couldn’t be chic? 

Warm Headwear That’ll Keep You Snug

We’re always inspired to opt for products derived from recycled materials. It’s an innovative way to create something entirely new from pre-existing resources. One company that is all about reusing and recycling is Outerknown. Their beanie hat is spun from recycled cashmere for comfort and maximum softness. By using consumer textile waste, Outerknown is able to make great knits while also saving natural resources. 

The Common Good Company is another sustainable brand that also includes recycled materials to make the perfect winter hat. Within their products, they use recycled water bottles to eliminate land use and pollution from yarn production. Coming in a bold red, this beanie can add some real heat to your winter outfits.  It will help you stay nice warm during those colder seasons.

Recycled Cotton & Upcycled Yarn

To bet against fast fashion, Encircled makes pieces to last forever. Additionally, this Canadian-based company sources materials locally and ethically to ensure that their manufacturing processes are fair and safe. Encircled’s cotton beanie is derived from upcycled yarn that sports a chunky-styled knit. Keeping cozy has never been this sustainable!

For all our minimalistic shoppers out there, we’ve also made sure to add headwear with neutral and muted tones. Kowtow makes eco-friendly beanies for men and women made from fairtrade materials without any harmful chemicals. Their organic textiles require 91% less water to grow than conventional cotton, making all of their garments super earth-friendly and traceable too. 

Need more warmth and comfort? Make sure to take a look at our collection of sustainable blankets from more affordable sustainable clothing brands. These handmade knits will keep you happily cozy!

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Wood and Metal Patio Furniture: 11 of Our Favorite Pieces

Wood and Metal Patio Furniture: 11 of Our Favorite Pieces

A patio can be a place of rest and relaxation, the perfect mix of outdoor living and comfort. Take a look at our favorite ethically sourced wood and metal outdoor furniture to upgrade your space. For this collection, we’re also including our picks on recycled plastic outdoor furniture for its unique sustainable innovations and eclectic styles. You’ll find everything you’ll need to design an oasis, from modern outdoor dining sets to comfy wicker lounge chairs.

Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Loll is a great option as they feature a collection of recycled patio furniture made in the usa. They source recycled plastic milk jugs due to their lack of pigment, which allows Loll to offer striking colors for each design. We’ve chosen to feature the classic armchair and outdoor credenza for their sleek design and versatile potential. The wide range of neutral to bold colors makes them suitable for every aesthetic. On the other hand, Goodee features a Maraca lounge chair woven in recycled plastic string dyed with plant-based colors. Sourced from Columbia, this exuberant design is beautiful and striking, suitable as an outdoor accent chair or simply for a particularly bold patio.

Metal Patio Furniture

For an easy solution to designing your outdoor living space, look no further than metal patio furniture. Metal pieces offer superior durability and are cleaned easily. Also, you can use recycled components in their creation. This process gives new life to materials usually just thrown in a waste pile. For example, Emeco’s cast aluminum patio furniture contains recycled metals and offers an industrial-modern style.

Wood Patio Furniture

West Elm patio furniture is a great choice for its sustainable practices and modern design. Therefore, we feature selections of their wooden outdoor dining sets. Each is created from FSC-certified wood, which ensures responsible sourcing. Or, Viva Terra offers a uniquely sustainable option; a collection of reclaimed wood outdoor furniture. We’ve chosen to feature the coffee table piece for its industrial feel which adds rustic interest.

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Sustainable Kids Clothing: Jackets & Hoodies

Sustainable Kids Clothing: Jackets & Hoodies

Sustainable Kids Clothing To Keep Your Little Ones Warm

As the seasons begin to change, we want to help you look for eco-friendly kids jackets to help keep your little ones stay comfortable and warm. Fall and Winter are just around the corner, but a cold breeze won’t stop the joy of playtime. We’ve gathered ethical outerwear and clothes made from recycled materials that your kids will absolutely love. 

Ready, Set, Recycle! 

Primary is an eccentric kids clothing company that offers quality pieces. This brand carries an array of all sorts of colors and prints. Children love to express themselves, and with Primary’s selection of bright kids jackets, they can do so all while staying cozy. Their lightweight puffers are sourced from recycled polyester to reduce waste and give existing materials more usage.

Kids Hoodies, Coats & More!

With absolutely no toxic chemicals and 91% less water usage than conventional cotton, we present to you Pact’s line of the cutest eco friendly kids clothes. Coming in cartoon-like patterns from alligators to flowers, these pieces have fleece linings made from organic cotton. They also come with front kangaroo pockets big enough for holding little treasures.

Whatever the weather, Scandiborn’s recycled coats are here to help keep your kids dry for their mini escapades. This ultra stylish and non-toxic jacket is waterproof and windproof for added protection from wet weather. 

If you’re little ones are off on colder adventures, we’d recommend dressing them in something warmer. For example, Mini Rodini’s faux fur jacket derived from recycled polyester. All of their kids winter coats are GTS certified to ensure strict standards are practiced to help lessen our environmental impacts.

Looking for more kids clothes made from recycled materials to choose from? Go ahead and explore our collection of kids raincoats for those rainy and cloudy days!

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6 Kids Raincoats Made From Sustainable Fabrics

6 Kids Raincoats Made From Sustainable Fabrics| Made With Sustainable Fabrics, Recycled Fabrics

Getting wet is fun, but what about the days when we want our kids to be able to watch the storm without getting soaked? A kids raincoat is a must-have for these occasions. We’ve chosen our top picks made from durable, sustainable fabrics that also offer versatility for little ones. You’ll find fun prints to nourish imaginations, classic neutrals, and bold colors suitable for every individual’s style.

A Cute Classic: The Kids’ Yellow Raincoat

On children, the yellow raincoat is a distinctive piece for it’s timeless, classic, and adorable look. To showcase the style, we’ve chosen Mini Rodini’s Kids Windbreaker, which features ethically sourced, recycled fabrics. It offers cool, British styling for your little one’s wardrobe.

Recycled Fabrics

Many kids windbreakers ensure a waterproof finish with recycled fabric. This also makes them more sustainable as it creates a circular-loop process that diverts plastic from the environment. Consequently, ocean-bound plastic can get a second life as a useful piece of clothing. Boden Kids’ Waterproof Parka features recycled filling to create a cozy padding that’s complete with a fun print to support your little one’s imagination. Primary Kids Clothes offers a similar, slightly padded jacket made entirely of recycled ripstop polyester. All children can enjoy Primary’s gender-neutral offerings. Their lightweight jacket in particular, shines as a bright, stylish, and comfy design that’s 100% kid-oriented.

Faire Child’s innovative kids rain jacket is a byproduct of their “Endlessly Reusable” ethos and production model. Yarn spun from recycled plastic bottles forms the base for their high-performance fabric and raincoats. When the garment is no longer wearable, Faire Child offers a program for customers to send back the piece so it can be recycled again.

Looking for something without plastic though? Check for our Plastic-Free tag on clothing items. Consider The Simple Folk’s raincoat, which uses a natural wax to water-proof the organic cotton material.

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Sustainable Outerwear For Men: 13 Casual Jackets

Sustainable Outerwear For Men: 13 Casual Jackets

Stay true to your style with our handpicked options of sustainably sourced light jackets. If men’s coats and jackets are on your moodboard, these conscious companies have got you covered, literally. Here are our top sustainable outerwear picks for men that include, vegan jackets, sustainable coats and more.

Casual Jackets for Versatility

The go-to jacket for all seasons exists, and you’re already one step closer to finding it. We take care of the hard part and do all research for you, So sit back, relax and shop with ease.  

Incorporate versatility into your wardrobe with a leather blazer made by Deadwood, a clothing company that uses recycled leather to create garments. Their pieces mimic the flare of vintage jackets to sport on an exciting night out. For an oversized-style fit, Story MFG has a boxy jacket that features removable and interchangeable buttons. If you love embroidery, you’ll definitely appreciate this beautiful piece.

Of course, our list also includes classic Men’s canvas jackets for all purposes and intent. Everlane’s cream blazer is an essential staple in outerwear that can be worn down or dressed up. For a Men’s utility-jacket-inspired garment, try Unrecorded’s worker jacket crafted from cotton twill.

Just in case the idea of a ‘lightweight jacket’ serves different meanings for our friends in colder climates, we’ve also sneaked in a blue puffer jacket made from biodegradable and recycled material. A warm day holds different meanings for each of us!

With functional style in mind, our collection of sustainable outerwear and sustainable coats can perform for any given day. You can easily style these choices with neutrals, added layers or patterned shirts. Check out our selection of men’s shirts here.

As always, we promise to connect you with high quality products that are sustainable and ethically sourced. Shopping made easy, by GoodStuff.

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Sustainably Sourced Vegan Bags and Purses

Sustainably Sourced Vegan Bags and Purses

Undeniably, the silhouettes of leather handbags have always been a fundamental influence in fashion. But although leather is a symbol of luxury, the processes behind these materials are often harsh for our planet and animals. With existing alternative practices, we have the proper tools to create beautiful choices with a greater intention. Here is our curated list of vegan bags and vegan purses, all sustainably sourced and curated for you.

Vegan Handbags

Hozen is a wonderful vegan accessory brand that offers dynamic colors of vegan crossbody bags. Their charismatic array of faux leather bags are excellent for your capsule wardrobe checklist. They also offer pops of color to take you through the seasons, not to mention their inclusion of recyclable packaging materials. 

With sustainable luxury on their mind, Moénn values initiatives that focus on the adoption of animal-free production and ethical labor. If you are a chic minimalist looking for an essential accessory, Moénn’s take on the brown tote bag is a great choice. With warmth in the air, their pieces are beautiful options for Summer handbags.

Bags Made From Recycled Materials

It’s important to avoid vegan leather that is created with polyvinyl chloride, as these microplastic materials can be highly toxic. So we’ve included products that are materialized with biodegradable resources that divert from such consequences.


One high quality vegan alternative for leather is polyurethane, a biodegradable solution that significantly reduces our carbon footprints. The HFS Collective is another brand that includes recycled polyester and recycled plastic bottles in their production techniques. This eco-friendly initiative actively reduces plastic waste. 

Choosing vegan purses over leather is an amazing way to practice environmental mindfulness. With evolving practices and the encouragement of sustainability, it’s never been easier to find upcycled and cruelty free accessories.

Looking for the dress to go with your perfect bag? Take a look at our Eco Friendly and Modest Summer Dresses collection here.

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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swimwear for Summer

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swimwear for Summer

Shopping for the perfect swimsuit can prove to be a challenge. There’s so much to consider, in terms of style, fabric and sustainability. We want to make that choice easier for you, so we rounded up amazing sustainable swimwear brands that celebrate the beauty of all bodies.

Summer Fun with Ethical Swimwear

With a chic, parisian touch, Boden swimwear comes with many lines of beautifully designed pieces. Whether you’re enjoying a beautiful day at the beach or spending some time with your friends at the pool, these swimsuits are made to last for any given occasion. We made sure to include a variety of recycled swimwear lines including a one shoulder swimsuit from Summer Salt and many other sets crafted from repurposed and recycled materials.

The Sustainable Bikini

Made from EcoRib, a recycled fabric built with nylon scraps, Vitamin A has innovatively created the sustainable bikini that’s lightweight, form flattering and incredibly breathable. The EcoRib fabric is a form of textile that has been crafted using a mechanical regenerative system, avoiding the use of any chemical materials. With a range of color options you’ll be able to mix and match to find your perfect set. In other words, you’ll be swimming guilt free with these non-toxic garments.

The Girlfriend Collective is another amazing company that emphasizes transparency and values focused on body inclusivity and positivity. Their OEKO-TEX certified sustainable swimwear collection offers extended sizing, affordability and versatile colors. From a bold, red swimsuit to a muted, earth toned one-piece, Girlfriend has plenty of alluring essentials to choose from. For even more eco conscious options, browse through our favorite picks of ready-to-wear, ethical swimsuits – thoughtfully curated by GoodStuff.

Looking for the best non-toxic sunscreens to protect your skin? Check out our collection of vegan sunscreen and, along with your new swimsuit, you’ll be ready for anything summer throws your way.

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Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear for Men

Ethical and Sustainable Swimwear for Men

What’s a better way to beat the heat than a day at the beach? With Summer officially arriving, many of us are going to enjoy the sun and hit those cool waters. We’ve curated a stylish list that features some of our favorite sustainable swimwear brands to help you find the perfect pair of swimming shorts.

Ethical Swimwear for a Mindful Summer

There are tons of amazing options out there that support ethical practices and sustainable processes. Swimwear brands in particular are known for utilizing recycled plastics and other recycled materials in their designs. To push these initiatives even further, Outer Known is one incredible brand that focuses on a circular model to reduce ocean debris. With commitments towards beach cleanups, Outer Known is able to repurpose plastic materials found in our seas into recycled swimwear. Their vision is to embrace relentless sustainability and encourage awareness of coastal waste and recycling.

Essential Shorts for a Summer Wardrobe

If you’re looking for a piece that’s more on the minimalist side, Everlane has got you covered with OEKO-TEX certified classic black swim shorts, made to be your go-to for days spent in the water and outside. Their Men’s ReNew Swim collection has plenty of great varieties you can choose from. On a lighter note, Ché Studios has thoughtfully crafted a line of men’s white swim trunks with a tailored style, designed to be versatile for those poolside days.

By choosing sustainable swimwear, we can significantly help reduce waste and look ever so stylish while doing so. All of our selections are consciously curated for your eco-friendly lifestyle. Shopping made easy, by GoodStuff.

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Our Favorite Ethical Jewelry Brands

Our Favorite Ethical Jewelry Brands

Jewelry often feels like the most personal accessory one can wear. Sometimes we even own heirloom pieces, passed down from a beloved family member. So when deciding on something new to purchase, we should be picky in our selections. Here at GoodStuff we think it’s important to know whether or not the piece we’re coveting is eco-friendly, ethical, or sustainable. In our search, we discovered amazing and innovative ethical jewelry labels that are disrupting industry standards and creating gorgeous pieces. To that end, we present our collection of eco-friendly bracelets, sustainable rings, and ethical earrings. Each choice is sure to be worthy of your jewelry box.

Ethically Sourced Crystals and Ethical Gemstones

In an industry of blood diamonds and unethically sourced gemstones, we love to see brands disrupting this standard and creating pieces that use fair trade practices. At GoodStuff, we don’t think a piece of jewelry can be considered beautiful if it wasn’t made responsibly, with kindness to the earth and to the crafters. The brands featured here ensure responsibility in supporting artisans and provide transparent information on sourcing.

Upcycled Jewelry

Another great way brands are creating sustainable jewelry is by upcycling stones from older pieces and recycling gold from post-consumer sources. These materials, including gold or diamonds, are known to last for lifetimes, so reusing them never takes away from the quality, durability, or beauty of a piece. Further, upcycling creates no new demand for materials, and by extension, no new demand on the Earth’s resources. It significantly reduces energy usage as well.

While we like to provide a large range of designs for you to enjoy, remember each and every brand featured here is vetted for ethical and eco-friendly standards. No matter what strikes your fancy, rest assured it will be good for you, and good for the planet. From dainty gold jewelry to traditional rings, to more edgy jewelry, take some time to find something you really like. With our curation, there’s something beautiful and interesting for every style out there.