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Eco-Friendly Home Decor to Support Slow Living

Eco-Friendly Home Decor

That perfect armchair, the aesthetically-correct lamp, the dining table that somehow toes the line between modern and rustic. We all know how much time can be spent trying to curate our home so it’s just the way we want it. Hours of scrolling decor websites, picking through an ever-changing influx of trendy things. We know there’s a better way than this cluttered mindset and we want to help you find it with sustainable alternatives.

Slow Living

Objects can be more than just things that accumulate through mindless consumerism. There are so many options for eco-friendly home decor and we want to make it simple for you to choose things you love. Discover decor that not only cultivates your sense of well-being, but also supports worthy causes like ethically-treated artisans and sustainably sourced materials. We think an object can only be regarded as useful and beautiful if it’s made with respect to all involved, including the Earth. All objects in our daily lives should be considered with these standards. Purchases are like votes, and with smart, informed decision-making, we can build a better world with sustainable shopping

Conscious Consumerism With Brands That Give Back

Artisan brands featuring global decor are great for finding amazing handmade home-furnishing items. Check out the geometric area rugs, wool or cotton throw pillows, or a versatile woven hamper with a lid. Items like these support artisans within their communities and conserve traditional techniques. This respect for native artistry is a very special value to uphold, and we’re happy to be able to share these objects with you. 

Our homes are places that we have the privilege of having as our center for daily living and resting. Choose mindfully what you will furnish it with by using our collection, vetted and curated for you.

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Sustainable Blankets You Will Love: 13 Softest Picks

Responsibly Crafted Handmade Blankets You’ll Love

Sustainable blankets can do wonders for your home and day-to-day activities. Besides adding a touch of beautiful textiles to your interior spaces, these organic fabrics are comforting and incredibly soft. Listed below are our picks of sustainably sourced throws and blankets, all handwoven to last. 

Your Dream Bedroom Awaits You

There is something so reassuring about wrapping yourself with a white throw blanket in the peace of your bedroom. A comfortable bed leads to a better night’s sleep and an overall increase in well-being. Coyuchi’s assortment of the organic cotton blanket is hand threaded and GOTS Certified, guaranteed for sweeter dreams. 

While on the topic of sleep, an organic weighted blanket has been medically proven to aid naturally deeper sleep cycles. Having a light amount of weight on your body stimulates serotonin production and increases melatonin. Moreover, a good night’s sleep is good for your health and for your soul. Discover the chunky-knit Cotton Napper by Bearaby. You’ll wake up feeling revitalized, trust us. 

Another favorite of ours is Goodee’s woven throw blanket made with care by skilled artisan. With this conscious company that focuses on a myriad of worthy causes, you can find a variety of unique handmade blankets to choose from. Goodee proudly supports our environment and its people.

Handmade Blankets That Will Bring Peace & Harmony To Your Home

The best part about these throws and blankets is the utility each one has to offer. A woven cotton blanket can belong to nearly every part of your home. From the living room couch to your designated reading nook, these pieces will bring absolute comfort wherever you go. 

Looking for more sustainably sourced goods for your eco home? Visit our curation of natural wood desks and tables for more inspiration.

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Non Toxic Dinnerware For Your Artisanal Home

Sustainable Outdoor Dinnerware for your Artisan Home

If you’re in need of new, non toxic dinnerware you’ve come to the right place. Inviting friends and loved ones over for a social gathering also means planning meals, and colorful dinnerware sets are the best way to start a great party. Elevate your dining experiences with our curated selections of eco friendly dinnerware that will compliment your home.

Plates & Bowls Made From Sustainable Bamboo

When deciding what kind of dinnerware to set the table with, we strongly recommend choosing sustainable options like white ceramic plates or a bamboo salad bowl

Ekobo is one French lifestyle brand that introduces their own eco-composite within their designs. Their line of melamine dinnerware sets are a safe alternative to traditional plastic. It’s durable, reusable and made with natural elements. 

Dessert plates are also a fun way to serve your guests, and these sets come in pastel colors or a neutral shade to match your artisan home. Many of these products are also dishwasher safe for an easy clean. 

More Non Toxic Dinnerware 

A black motif is a timeless touch to any kitchen collection and Itemerie has an elegant choice for black dinnerware that are handcrafted and durable. Your favorite recipes will look incredible on these ceramic plates. Feeling a bit more eccentric? Fable New York has colorful sets that come in 6 different choices. Here’s a bonus, every dish consists of bamboo fiber and non-GMO cornstarch with melamine for more durability. Bamboo plates are sustainable and convenient to clean. Eco-friendly dinnerware is fun for a picnic in the park or any of your favorite backyard living activities.

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Eco Friendly Cutting Boards for your Conscious Kitchen

Eco-Friendly Cutting Boards for Your Conscious Kitchen

Are you looking for an essential staple for your sustainable kitchen? We’ve handpicked the best eco-friendly cutting boards to ease your search. All created with durable materials and an added bonus of being pretty enough that you might even find yourself displaying them. Complete your kitchen with one of these additions, all low-impact choices and all made from natural wood.

Elevating Your Kitchen

An essential tool for any sustainable kitchen is easily a wooden cutting board. These attractive, modern pieces not only keep your cutlery in finer shape, they are also hand crafted from renewable resources and sustainable wood. A bamboo cutting board is the perfect tool to elevate your culinary practices. Plus, it makes food preparation fast and efficient. It’s durable enough for cooking and beautiful enough to serve appetizers and hor d’oeuvres or slice your favorite bread, meats or snacks.

Eliminating Plastic by Choosing a Handmade Cutting Board

As we all know, manufacturing plastic-based products come with harsh consequences that are often long term. It takes unnecessary materials, energy and resources – not to mention the chemicals and toxic gasses that are produced as a consequence. Wood material contains antimicrobial compounds that kill bacteria and is able to bind water to stop the spread of bacteria, something plastic products simply cannot do. Instead of choosing a board made of plastic, why not choose a natural alternative such as a walnut cutting board. A cooking essential to help with all of your delicious ventures as well as decorative pieces for your kitchen.

Easy to clean, easy to use, and easy to choose. Elevate your culinary practices with our choices, curated for sustainability and ergonomically designed.

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Non-Toxic Kids Furniture for Your Little One

Non-Toxic Kids Furniture for Your Little One

The Perfect Kids Bedroom

When it comes to building a sustainable bedroom for your little one, we want to make sure you have a variety of non-toxic kids furniture to choose from. It’s important for a child to have a space they can call their own – one that allows them to explore, express and expand their interests. After all, a child’s bedroom is their world of comfort and safety. 

A Kingdom of Growth

Allowing a child to exercise their curiosity definitely helps stimulation. A natural wood desk is a fundamental area where a child can practice writing, reading and creating. The Art Corner Set by Goodee World is an amazing eco-friendly gift for kids who love to learn and explore. 

Ready, Set, Play

Incorporating fun rugs or non-toxic kids toys into your little one’s bedroom is another great addition to their play time and to their cognitive and emotional development. Playtime also offers an opportunity for both parent and child to spend time together and build a greater sense of connection. 

Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty

There comes a time when a child challenges their autonomy and strives to be a little bit more independent. Perhaps they explore their idea of self-reliance by choosing their own outfits or cleaning up after themselves – or at least trying to. A kids wardrobe closet can be useful for both a kids playroom storage space and a chance for your child to practice organization. On that note, a wall clock for the kids room may even take that to the next step by introducing time management. 

A child’s bedroom is a sanctuary for growth and creativity. Our selection of ethically sourced pieces are perfect options for a positive environment.