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9 Sustainable Sofas & Couches That Are Ethically Sourced

9 Sustainable Sofas & Couches That Are Ethically Sourced

It’s already overwhelming enough to choose the right couch for your living room. It’s even harder to find one that is environmentally friendly. To relieve some of your shopping stress, here is our handpicked list of sustainable sofas and non-toxic couches to sit back and relax in.

Non Toxic Sofas That Support Responsible Forestry

The furniture industry can be incredibly toxic and known to use harmful chemicals during their production processes. On top of that, their methods of harvesting can be damaging to our forests and other natural resources. Nevertheless, It’s important to look for sofas that avoid the inclusion of flame retardants and finishing treatments, as these are known to cause damage to our health. 

One company that meets our criteria is Medley. They build sectional sofas made from the safest available materials to help you make a healthy home for a healthy planet. Their wood is sourced from FSC certified domestic forests and they use zero VOCs. A non-toxic modern sofa does exist and Medley has plenty of options, designs and fabrics to choose from!

A Big Comfy Sustainable Couch

Imagine yourself, unwinding and relaxing on a large sectional couch. You have your favorite book in one hand, and a warm cup of tea in the other. How can we make this dream into a reality? With the help of ABC Home!

With each object they craft, ABC Home strives to tread lightly on our planet by sourcing responsibly. They use reclaimed materials and wood to craft furniture that helps reduce our environmental footprint. In doing so, this company merges mid-century designs with expert craftsmanship to create a minimalist couch that goes with any living space. From production to impact, ABC Home commites to safe and ethical manufacturing.

Burrow expects the unexpected and creates couches that are durable enough for everyday drama. Their fabrics are scratch-resistant and weaved tightly with upcycled materials. Along with zero chemical additives and toxic free treatments, their non toxic couches are also stain-resistant so you don’t have to sweat the spills.

For more sustainable seating and charming furniture, explore our collection of eco-friendly sofa chairs and more!

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Wood and Metal Patio Furniture: 11 of Our Favorite Pieces

Wood and Metal Patio Furniture: 11 of Our Favorite Pieces

A patio can be a place of rest and relaxation, the perfect mix of outdoor living and comfort. Take a look at our favorite ethically sourced wood and metal outdoor furniture to upgrade your space. For this collection, we’re also including our picks on recycled plastic outdoor furniture for its unique sustainable innovations and eclectic styles. You’ll find everything you’ll need to design an oasis, from modern outdoor dining sets to comfy wicker lounge chairs.

Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Loll is a great option as they feature a collection of recycled patio furniture made in the usa. They source recycled plastic milk jugs due to their lack of pigment, which allows Loll to offer striking colors for each design. We’ve chosen to feature the classic armchair and outdoor credenza for their sleek design and versatile potential. The wide range of neutral to bold colors makes them suitable for every aesthetic. On the other hand, Goodee features a Maraca lounge chair woven in recycled plastic string dyed with plant-based colors. Sourced from Columbia, this exuberant design is beautiful and striking, suitable as an outdoor accent chair or simply for a particularly bold patio.

Metal Patio Furniture

For an easy solution to designing your outdoor living space, look no further than metal patio furniture. Metal pieces offer superior durability and are cleaned easily. Also, you can use recycled components in their creation. This process gives new life to materials usually just thrown in a waste pile. For example, Emeco’s cast aluminum patio furniture contains recycled metals and offers an industrial-modern style.

Wood Patio Furniture

West Elm patio furniture is a great choice for its sustainable practices and modern design. Therefore, we feature selections of their wooden outdoor dining sets. Each is created from FSC-certified wood, which ensures responsible sourcing. Or, Viva Terra offers a uniquely sustainable option; a collection of reclaimed wood outdoor furniture. We’ve chosen to feature the coffee table piece for its industrial feel which adds rustic interest.

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A Natural Coffee Table: 12 Eco-Friendly Choices

A Natural Coffee Table: 12 Eco-Friendly Choices

A natural coffee table can elevate a well-appointed home. It’s a centerpiece for your living space, whether you’re entertaining guests or enjoying some alone time. With care, we’ve rounded up sustainable furniture that are all eco-friendly, stylish and crafted to last. Take a look at our assortments of a wood coffee table.

The Perfect Solid Wood Coffee Table

Choosing furniture, although exciting, can be a little bit intimidating. To save you some time, we’ve considered plenty of styles to showcase pieces that are timeless and modern. 

A round wood coffee table could be the answer to your living room prayers. With plenty of payment plans to choose from, Zz Driggs offers beautiful rounded tables that are made to order. This company is impact-driven and provides rental options if you’d prefer something more temporary.

Sustainable Furniture For Your Conscious Living Room

Interested in round coffee table sets? The Citizenry has your fix. From start-to-finish, their pieces are all made sustainably and in focus of fair-trade ethics. The craftsmanship that goes into these products are exquisite. Another modern style we think you’d appreciate is the rattan coffee table made by Originals, a chic furniture company that is committed to sustainability. 

Eco Friendly Furniture: A Coffee Table With Storage

Coffee tables have countless functions. They are there to hold our belongings, our favorite books and our conversations. Going beyond the surface, we wanted to share some options that also come with hidden storage features. Take a look at West Elm or Woodendot to explore some of our picks. Decluttering just got easier!

Reducing Our Impact With a Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

We are always searching for more ways to reduce our environmental impacts. By choosing furniture that uses reclaimed materials, we can significantly cut down consumption by preventing unnecessary production. In this list, we’ve included coffee tables sourced from reclaimed wood. It’s a great alternative to help decrease landfill waste.

While you’re upgrading your living room, we can also help you find the perfect eco-friendly chair. Discover our collections for more inspiration.

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Eco-Friendly Furniture To Relax In: 15 Sustainable Sofa Chairs

Eco-Friendly Furniture To Relax In: 15 Sustainable Sofa Chairs

Get comfy and take a seat with our selection of eco friendly furniture. Explore the art of lounging with our guide of handpicked sofa chairs from some of our favorite sustainable furniture companies.

Accent Chairs Made With Sustainable Materials

After a long day, we all deserve to rest comfortably. Perhaps you want to spend some me-time reading your favorite book or enjoying a cup of tea in your living room. Our list features a perfect mixture of ethically sourced furniture for you to relax in.

West Elm accent chairs are guaranteed to have you sitting on cloud nine. Their upholstered velvet accent chair is beautifully designed with FSC®-certified wood from responsibly managed forests. You’ll feel comfort with an instant spark of glam. From different colors and fabrics to choose from, you can even customize this piece into a linen chair of your preference.

Exploring Fair Furniture 

For a contemporary interpretation of the modern club chair, ZZ Driggs has beautiful designs and collections to browse from. Additionally, they also offer convenient rental services with flexible payment methods. If you’re looking for something a bit more temporary, or wanting to try before you buy, table and chair rentals can be a great option to consider. ZZ Driggs ethically sources their pieces and makes sure their furniture is in pristine condition.

A Vintage Armchair For A Vintage Inspired Home

Vintage is the future with sustainable furniture companies like Home Union and Abt Modern. These two skilled brands specialize in the restoration of vintage furniture and upholstery. For example, a vintage leather chair might be the perfect sofa chair to your home. You’ll be reducing waste and excess production! 

From a simple grey armchair to a mid century modern desk chair, we’ve listed unique selections that will go great with your eco-friendly home. To elevate your lounge time, why not pair your chair with a handmade blanket from our blanket collection? Take a look here.

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12 Sustainable Desks & Tables for your Eco Home

Natural Wood Desks and Tables | Modern Wood Furniture

So you’re building your dream bedroom or designing an eclectic living room and need some inspiration, right? You’re in luck. We’ve got plenty of sustainable desks and wooden table selections for you to discover. 

A Natural Wood Desk For Your Eco Friendly Home

Durability is key when it comes to picking the right table, and what’s more enduring than natural wood?

We want to help you find beautiful pieces to add to your living spaces that are designed to last. Wood writing desks are versatile and mindfully designed options for your work space. Branch Furniture’s standing desk features a wood grain top and metal legs to support a more active work life. Or, Pottery Barn features a reclaimed wood console table inspired by west African furniture. With your purchase, Pottery Barn will even plant a tree in return.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

A light wood coffee table is an interior piece we believe every home needs. Wooden Dot has combined functionality and design with their coffee table with hidden storage features; their tables come equipped with removable trays to entertain guests with. Though if you’re interested in something much more minimal, a wood block coffee table is a simple solution that fits in smaller spaces. 

Consider Room & Board’s accent tables. It’s a beautiful blend of texture and scale, made by hand from locally and sustainably sourced conacaste. This natural end table is easy to move and can also be used as a stool or a wooden ottoman. Our collection also includes non toxic desks from Avocado, a company that manufactures sustainable furniture. Their eco wood end table is VOC free, climate neutral and 100% eco friendly. 

Adorn your home with modern wood furniture that’s beautiful and made to last. With minimal designs and artisanal processes, these sustainable furniture brands build their products on the foundation of responsible production, reclaimed wood and renewable resources.

Head over to our collection on natural coffee tables for more eco friendly options!

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Non-Toxic Kids Furniture for Your Little One

Non-Toxic Kids Furniture for Your Little One

The Perfect Kids Bedroom

When it comes to building a sustainable bedroom for your little one, we want to make sure you have a variety of non-toxic kids furniture to choose from. It’s important for a child to have a space they can call their own – one that allows them to explore, express and expand their interests. After all, a child’s bedroom is their world of comfort and safety. 

A Kingdom of Growth

Allowing a child to exercise their curiosity definitely helps stimulation. A natural wood desk is a fundamental area where a child can practice writing, reading and creating. The Art Corner Set by Goodee World is an amazing eco-friendly gift for kids who love to learn and explore. 

Ready, Set, Play

Incorporating fun rugs or non-toxic kids toys into your little one’s bedroom is another great addition to their play time and to their cognitive and emotional development. Playtime also offers an opportunity for both parent and child to spend time together and build a greater sense of connection. 

Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty

There comes a time when a child challenges their autonomy and strives to be a little bit more independent. Perhaps they explore their idea of self-reliance by choosing their own outfits or cleaning up after themselves – or at least trying to. A kids wardrobe closet can be useful for both a kids playroom storage space and a chance for your child to practice organization. On that note, a wall clock for the kids room may even take that to the next step by introducing time management. 

A child’s bedroom is a sanctuary for growth and creativity. Our selection of ethically sourced pieces are perfect options for a positive environment.