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14 Natural Mascaras From Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

Our Favorite Natural Mascaras | Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands

There are a lot of reasons to choose natural mascaras over any other type. Unlike conventional products (looking at you, drugstore mascara), natural mascaras are suitable for everyone that is interested in adding a little edge to their eyelashes. Sensitive eyes? We’ve picked out gentle formulas just for you. Worried about animal-derived ingredients? Vegan mascaras are right this way. Looking for something uniquely eco-friendly? We feature refillable mascaras and tubes created from recycled materials for maximum sustainability. How about all of the above? We’ve got that as well. You won’t have to compromise here, because these choices from our favorite cruelty-free makeup brands are here to help.

Organic Makeup 

Organic mascara can sometimes ensure products have a gentle, plant-based formula. Unfortunately, a product that advertises as organic can still have the ingredients you’re trying to avoid as many chemicals qualify as natural and organic too. We’ve gone through the ingredient lists to make sure they meet the standards important to us; those of non-toxic and eco-friendly practices. The Organic Skin Co’s vegan mascara features a natural formula with 72.9% organic ingredients. Ilia mascara offers an organic shea butter formula that works to condition lashes while providing definition. Zao Organics’ Mascara utilizes aloe vera in their refillable mascara tube. This makes it simple to cut down on needless waste. Interested in more refillable makeup? Kajer Weis also offers a unique refillable mascara that features organic ingredients in a nourishing base of marula and sunflower seed oil.

Vegan Mascaras

For a truly cruelty-free mascara, vegan formulas are the ones to look for. This is because if a product is tagged as vegan, it means there were zero animal-derived ingredients used in its making. If you value vegan makeup, there are plenty of organic choices for you, and we’ve featured the best. For instance, we love 100 Percent Pure’s Maracuja Mascara for its vegan fruit-pigmented formula complete with organic aloe vera. Secondly, Pyt creates a vegan mascara with an innovative tube sourced from recycled materials. Third, Sappho offers a vegan formula that’s buildable but gentle enough to be washed off with water. We appreciate their verified ethically-sourced ingredients and inclusion of plant-based waxes to create a maximum-impact mascara.

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10 Natural Foundations for Every Shade of Skin

10 Natural Foundations for Every Shade of Skin

Non-toxic and natural foundations offer a clean-beauty base for your makeup regime.  Something that enriches your skin, but doesn’t hide it’s natural qualities. All skin deserves safe, non-toxic makeup. With this in mind, we’ve only featured products that provide wide ranges of light to dark foundation shades so you don’t have to worry about finding your perfect match. The organic foundation we curated are for you, in all your natural glory.

Zero-Waste Makeup

Zao Makeup Foundation offers a refillable bamboo compact so you can cut down on unneeded waste. Similarly, Kjaer Weis Foundation comes refillable in a signature red paper compact. It can be reused for as long as you wish, and at the end of it’s long life is one-hundred percent recyclable and compostable. Clove and Hallow’s foundation pans utilize low-waste practices as well.  can be slipped into their sleek magnetic compact to utilize low-waste practices.

Serum Foundation

For those that want a little extra performance in their cosmetics. These two-in-one products replenish your skin, even out skin tone, and provide a clean base for the rest of your regime. Juice Beauty reviews celebrate their Serum Foundation, and for good reason. It’s one of the best vegan foundations due to its certified organic formula and bonus of a plant-based serum.

We like beauty that’s clean and safe. Check our Clean Beauty space to see everything we’ve curated, or discover our collections. Try our natural and organic lip color collection if you’re feeling the need for a pop of color for your pout. Or, looking for some non-toxic eyeshadow? Check out our collection of carefully curated eyeshadow singles and palettes to find just the colors you’re looking for. All curated with eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind.

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7 Vegan Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin

Vegan Sunscreens to Safely Protect Skin

The oh-so-important sunscreen. Even skincare aficionados can line up an impressive regime of cleansers, toners, exfoliators, and moisturizers while forgetting how important an effective non-toxic sunscreen is for the daily health of your skin. No matter the season – and cloudy days included – the right vegan sunscreen is a must-have addition for every skin type.

If you begin any amount of research into the safety of sunscreen, there’s a good chance you’ll be hit with a myriad of misleading or confusing information. That’s partly because sunscreen is regulated depending on your country. For instance in Europe, they proposed regulations on certain chemicals that have very little, if any, regulation in the US. Chemicals such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate – which are known to absorb into the body – are known to be safe only in tiny concentrations. Much smaller amounts than what many American sunscreen formulas use. In other words, the information you may be seeing is confusing because it differs depending on where you’re looking. So what is there to do?

Mineral Sunscreens

We can start with what we know. Through scientific study it is known that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide do not penetrate layers of the skin which makes toxicity and absorption highly unlikely. The only time you would be at risk is when using a spray chemical sunscreen, as this is the only point you might inhale these minerals. Therefore, when looking for sunscreen, opt for a lotion or stick, with an active ingredient of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. This way, you’ll be minimizing absorption of chemicals while using the most effective formulas for sun protection.

Cruelty-Free Sunscreens Fit for Sensitive Skin

Priorities such as non-toxic, reef-safe ingredients and biodegradable packaging are at the forefront of our product research. The brands we feature are doing a great job creating clean formulas to protect your skin. We’ve found the best ones to ensure you healthy skin all year-round.

Looking for a good body moisturizer? Check out our collection of vegan lotions where you’ll find our favorite choices for cruelty-free, hydrating, and luxurious creams.

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12 Best Vegan Lotions for Hydrated Skin

The Best Vegan Lotions for Hydrated Skin

Hydrating our skin is an underrated step in many routines. Our bathroom counters are lined with serums, toners, and moisturizers for the face, but what about for the rest of our bodies? Skin is the largest organ after all, and it’s important we realize the best ways to take care of it. We’ve gathered together the best choices in vegan lotions for all skin types, including more sensitive skin. Each is chosen for it’s clean ingredients, cruelty-free practices, and ethical sourcing.

While dry skin can be more obvious in winter, skin needs a moisturizer no matter the season. During hot summer months our skin may feel sweaty, but underneath it’s parched and in need of good hydration.

Lotion Bars

For low-waste living, look no further than lotion bars. Ethique features a plant-based option with cocoa butter and a fresh orange and vanilla scent in solid form. It’s equal to two bottles of lotion, except without the excess packaging. Or, Ren Skincare’s body cream is housed in a bottle made from recycled ocean plastic and it’s able to be recycled again after it’s empty. For a great natural hand lotion specifically, try B Kind’s Nourishing hand balm with coconut oil. It’s tube is also created from ocean-bound plastic, and is fully recyclable after use. Less waste means all the more sustainable.

Organic Lotion

If you’re looking for a lotion featuring organic ingredients, check out Organic Bath Co.’s body butter. Their simple formula employs argan oil’s well-known moisturizing properties to create a rich and potent cream. We’ve featured the unscented version here, but if you’d prefer a little essential oil fragrance, check out more options in our Clean Beauty shop.

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24 Natural Lip Colors for Eco-Friendly Elegance

24 Natural Lip Colors for Eco-Friendly Elegance

An essential step in any clean beauty routine is natural lip color. Whether you like just a swipe of tinted lip balm or a full-on lined and lipsticked pout, you’re going to need the best product to fit your requirements. It’s easy to fall into the trap of popping down to the drugstore and picking up something you like the color of. But we think lip color needs a little more consideration than taking home what first caught your eye in the makeup aisle. We like to look a little closer – alright a lot closer – and regard the packaging, the ingredients, and company ethos.

We’ve done the research into sustainable alternatives for you. Choose your new favorite color or find the perfect nude with the knowledge that the products curated here meet strict standards for sustainability and eco-friendliness. Or, if you want a little more of an in-depth look, keep reading.

Zero-Waste Packaging

We love low- and zero-waste beauty products. The idea of designing something to not end up in a landfill is a powerful one for an industry that makes up a significant amount of household waste. That’s why it’s important to consider the packaging of your makeup before you make a purchasing decision. At the very least, packaging should be recyclable, but we don’t think it should stop there. Many beauty brands feel the same way and are featuring refillable makeup and biodegradable packaging such as bamboo.

Natural Ingredients 

The natural world provides the best ingredients with which to base skincare and makeup products. Moisturizing oil and butters, fresh scents, vegan color; each is already present within nature and able to be harvested if we do it with care and conscience. Instead of artificial colors, fragrances, and chemicals, the brands we’ve curated focus on sustainable and natural ingredients to make their products the best they can be. Discover the best organic lipsticks and cruelty-free, vegan lipsticks below.

Multi-Tasking Products

Lip and cheek tints and multi-use color sticks are amazing for lots of reasons. First, it’s easy to create a pulled-together look when you use the same color to tint your lips, cheeks, and even eyelids – if you’re feeling like a serious pop of color. Second, instead of three different products, it significantly cuts down on packaging waste and general consumption to purchase one multitasking product. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested in simplifying your routine while still keeping a polished look.

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The Best Vegan Beauty Products for Radiant Skin

The Best Vegan Beauty Products for Radiant Skin

Your skin is beautifully unique and it’s incredibly important to find the best natural skin care that works best for you. With a combination of essential botanicals and enriching ingredients, we’ve done the research to find vegan beauty products that are dedicated to ensuring the health of your skin and the protection of our ecosystems. 

The Benefits of Vegan Skincare Products

Incorporating a skincare routine that is entirely botanic and plant-based is as natural as you can get. Vegan products also steer clear from the use of animal by-products and are entirely ethically sourced. Our collection proudly features products that do not contain synthetic or artificial additives. Did you know that your skin absorbs about 60% of what you apply to it? By choosing formulas that are completely organic, you are opting for the safest choice. 

Choosing Natural Ingredients Helps Our Environment

Products that link to animal testing and artificial practices often have a huge impact on deforestation. No to mention the well-being of wildlife and their habitats. Choosing organic alternatives is choosing safety and traceability. In addition to our favorite cruelty free skincare brands, the products we’ve selected are produced sustainably and support the effort of a green conscious lifestyle. It’s a win for you, and a win for our planet.

From hydrating facial cleansers to tea-tree toners, we can provide products you’ll want to use again and again. Whether your routine is a 16-step affair or a minimalist regime, these vegan beauty products are easy to use. 

We know there is a myriad of options to pick from. With this in mind, we’ve curated a guide of the best best natural skin care products that can fit seamlessly into your life. Your skin deserves a gentle touch and choosing vegan cosmetics is the perfect way to build a healthy skincare regime. Take a look and discover organic and natural options from brands we’ve gathered. We do all the research to make sustainable shopping easier for you. 

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Best of Skincare Products in 2021!

New year, new resolutions, new you! As the new year rings in, it’s time to

spruce up your skincare routine with the best products of 2021. Ranging from serums, to oils, and scrubs, each of these products aim at not only bettering your skin, but aim to be environmentally conscious through sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients and packaging. Take a look at the best skincare products in 2021 below for better skin and a better planet!

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Best of Skincare for this Spring

I often find myself thrown down a vast rabbit hole as I search the internet for the best natural
skincare products. The amount of information available today is nothing short of overwhelming.

I start by searching for an organic oil cleanser and an hour later, I’m watching a Youtube video
of a girl telling the story of how the synthetic fragrance in her foam cleanser ruined her love life.
I’m left confused and weary. This fatigue coupled with the ever-changing beauty trends of today,
aren’t good for anyone’s complexion. One week you’re being told to slather coconut oil on your
face and the next, snail sludge has become the best moisturizer for your skin.

As clean and organic skincare has become more available, the array of products to
choose from are easy to get lost in. I am certain that what I have spent on clean skin serums
alone would rival the bill of a Kardashian child’s birthday party. What’s a conscious shopper to
do? As my skin reluctantly approaches its thirties, I do know one thing to be true in the realms of
beauty; less is more.

A few powerful, non-toxic and natural ingredients can go a long way.

Essential oils pack a powerful punch in many natural skincare products. Blue Tansy Oil
has calming effects, making it a great option for those experiencing hormonal acne,
breakouts, or fragile skin post peel. For soothing and anti-bacterial hydration, try the
Seriously Soothing Serum Stick by Acure.

Camellia Oil is moisturizing and helps give skin a radiant boost. For those wanting to get their
glow on, try 8 Faces Bountiful Solid Oil or Herbivore’s Orchid Facial Oil. Both use Camellia
Oil as a lightweight moisturizing agent.

Many of the best skincare ingredients you can look for are derived from the earth. Clay and
algae are both forerunners of the clean skincare movement. Not only is it a gorgeous bathroom
counter addition, Among The Flowers Cleansing Mud uses rhassoul clay to help lift away
impurities. The coveted Vintner’s Daughter Active Treatment Essence uses marine microalgae,
while OSEA’s Sea Mineral spray helps even out texture and refreshes the skin with brown algae.

Let’s not forget about all the beauty below the neck. Exfoliation helps the skin absorb all the
yummy ingredients slathered on it and can even improve circulation. South African brand
African Botanics uses raw cane sugar and Kalahari desert salt in their Detoxifying Body Scrub
to help slough off dead skin. For a body polish with a touch of pink, try cult favorite Herbivore’s
Coco Rose Body Polish. Ingredients like Moroccan rose add a feminine touch to the all-over

If craving a sultry evening of leg shaving after exfoliation, F. Miller’s Shave Oil preps the skin for
a close shave. A symphony of oils like jojoba, calendula and sandalwood coat the skin with
moisture and help to heal irritated skin. Say good-bye to trails of razor bumps and hello to
irresistibly soft legs.

Thankfully, good skincare products are easier to find than a second date. With a multitude of
products available, it’s important to pay attention to the roster of ingredients on products and find what works for you.