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The Softest Sustainable Underwear For Men

“To Boxer Or To Brief, That Is The Question.”

Looking for sustainable underwear for men that are eco-friendly and long-lasting? You’ve come to the right place Here are our picks of the softest ethical underwear.

The Best Ethical Underwear That Fits Just Right

We fill our dressers with loads of intimates and undergarments, but how much of those are sustainable? Underpants are designed to be worn comfortably, though not many are made ethically. With that in mind, we’ve gathered brands that offer durable briefs and organic underwear made from sustainable fabrics. Take a look at these eco-friendly options we picked just for you.

Organic Cotton Underwear Made To Last

Cotton underwear is known to be the most comfortable choice. If you need long lasting support, boxer briefs are your go-to. This style of underwear is super soft and has plenty of stretch. 

Boody creates products that are good for you and good for the planet. They construct their premium styled boxers with breathable bamboo viscose, which is a non-toxic and renewable resource. With affordable luxury, Boody’s mission is to reduce waste and encourage mindful living. Furthermore, they also partner with charitable organizations to create long-term impacts for our communities.

MeUndies celebrates self-expression with softer-than-soft basics for everybody. They make sure to source all of their ethical underwear responsibly and under fair standards. Get ready to move and groove with their form-fitting cotton boxers & briefs.

Hemp Fabrics

Also on our list, we have hemp underwear. Ever heard of fabric made from hemp? It’s a type of textile that uses fibers from the stalk of cannabis plants. Cool right? These fibers can then weave together to create a sustainable thread. Afterwards, it’s spun into your favorite clothing!

For more organic cotton underwear, we can’t forget about Wama, a brand that combines hemp fabric with cotton. After rigorous design processes, they have perfected a unique line of hemp underwear. Their briefs are anti-bacterial, breathable and earth-friendly.

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