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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Swimwear for Summer

Shopping for the perfect swimsuit can definitely prove to be a challenge. There’s so much to consider, in terms of style, fabric and sustainability. We want to make that choice easier for you, so we rounded up amazing sustainable swimwear brands that celebrate the beauty of all bodies.

Summer Fun with Ethical Swimwear
With a chic, parisian touch, Boden swimwear comes with many lines of beautifully designed pieces. Whether you’re enjoying a beautiful day at the beach or spending some time with your friends at the pool, these swimsuits are made to last for any given occasion.

We also made sure to include a variety of recycled swimwear options that include a one shoulder swimsuit from Summer Salt and many other sets crafted from repurposed and reinvented materials.   

The Sustainable Bikini
Made from EcoRib, a stretch-ribbed swim fabric built with nylon scraps, Vitamin A has innovatively created the sustainable bikini that’s lightweight, form flattering and incredibly breathable. The EcoRib fabric is a form of textile that has been crafted using a mechanical regenerative system, avoiding the use of any chemical materials. In other words, you’ll be swimming guilt free with these non-toxic garments. 

The Girlfriend Collective is another amazing company that emphasizes transparency and values focused on body inclusivity and positivity. Their sustainable swimwear collection offers extended sizing, affordability and versatile colors. From a bold, red swimsuit to a muted, earth toned one-piece, Girlfriend has plenty of alluring essentials to choose from. For even more eco conscious options, browse through our favorite picks of ready-to-wear, ethical swimsuits – thoughtfully curated by GoodStuff.

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