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Our Favorite Sustainable Summer Shirts for Men

The logic of a summer shirt should be simple. Lightweight, breathable, airy. Styled depending on your mood; a striking resort print, a natural linen hue, or a basic but classic polo top. We’ve curated a collection of summer shirts that will take you from cool mornings to hot afternoons and beyond.

Sustainable Fabrics
At Goodstuff we like to provide sustainable alternatives to your favorites so you can start treating your eco-friendly values as your default. With many clothing items, when brands begin looking for innovative processes to improve sustainability, they start creating better products as  a whole. The men’s summer shirt is no exception. Featured here, you will find such fabrics as Tencel – a fiber made sustainably from the wood pulp of trees – hemp, and recycled fibers, along with staples like linen and organic cotton. These fabrics are used to create the perfect shirts to accompany your summer activities, wherever they may take you. 

Silk shirts are a cornerstone in the summer wardrobe for a reason. Their lightweight quality and striking opportunities for dye and style make sure they remain popular year after year. Try Ziran’s options for elevated aesthetic shirts that can be styled up as dressy statements or just worn as street wear for hot summer days. 

Interested in vegan options? No problem. Check out an organic cotton white polo shirt for a fresh and classic look. Unrecorded’s option meets our standards for ethical sourcing as well, so you can add it with confidence to your summer lineup. For a fun resort look, try Octobre’s striped capri shirt. It’s created from Lyocell, another sustainable fiber similar to Tencel, and perfect for styling poolside. If denim is your go-to, Industry of All Nations features an upcycled denim shirt made with fiber scraps collected from their factory. With these scraps, they created a lightweight camp shirt that’s perfect for everyday wear.

Remember we curated this collection with the conscious consumer in mind. Each is vetted for ethical standards and eco-friendly manufacturing so you can move on to discovering your new favorite shirts to spend your summer in. To complete your summer outfit, check out our collection of sustainable men’s swimwear.

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