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Sustainable Outdoor Dinnerware for your Artisan Home

If you’re in need of new, eco-friendly outdoor dinnerware you’ve come to the right place. Inviting friends and loved ones over for a social gathering can also mean planning meals and colorful dinnerware sets are the best way to start a great party. 

What’s Cookin’?
When deciding what kind of dinnerware to set the table with, we strongly recommend choosing sustainable options like white ceramic plates or a bamboo salad bowl. 

Ekobo is one French inspired lifestyle brand that has introduced their own eco-composite within their designs. Their line of melamine salad plates is a safe alternative to traditional plastic. It’s durable, reusable and made with natural elements. 

Cocktail plates are also a fun way to serve your guests, and these sets come in cute pastel colors or a neutral shade to match your artisan home. Many of our sourced products are also made dishwasher safe for an easy clean. 

Dinnerware For All
A black motif is a timeless touch to any kitchen collection and Itemerie has an elegant choice for black dinnerware that are handcrafted and durable. Your favorite recipes will look incredible on these ceramic plates. Feeling a bit more eccentric? Fable New York has colorful dinnerware sets that come in 6 different choices. Here’s an added bonus, every dish is made from bamboo fiber and non-GMO cornstarch with melamine for more durability. Bamboo plates are sustainable, convenient to clean and are derived from one of the world’s fastest growing plants. Eco-friendly dinnerware is fun for a picnic in the park or any of your favorite backyard living activities.

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