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Sustainable Mens Clothing Brands: 16 Sustainable Pants

Pants and trousers are essential articles of clothing that will always be in style. No matter the season and no matter the trend. With our planet in mind, here is our list of sustainable pants for everyday wear. You can check these timeless garments off of your capsule wardrobe checklist with the help of our favorite sustainable mens clothing brands.

Eco Friendly Clothing Essentials

Slow fashion has made its mark and we want to help you find pieces that are not only eco friendly, but also crafted to last longer. Produced with traditional craftsmanship and locally grown cotton, Industry Of All Nations has the perfect relaxed, white chino pants for all occasions. With their line of planet-first manufacturing methods, you can easily find plenty of other eco essentials that include beige pants and black trousers. The basics are always back. 

Creating Clothes With Sustainable Practices

Our curated brands proudly stand with innovative and sustainable practices to deliver quality and sustainability. Tentree is no exception. One of our favorite classic products they offer is their organic cotton pants in breathable, ethically sourced fabrics. 

With every product they showcase, they also provide the environmental impact each item has. Tentree also plants 10 trees for every purchase made. Everlane naturally carries similar wardrobe essentials, like the infamous green cargo jogger pants outfitted with tons of pockets for maximized utility. It’s casual and practical. 

What do you call a successful chain of hemp-based product stores? A hempire. Rag & Bone has a line of hemp pants that are also cotton blended, using only one-third the amount of water as other crops. It’s a great option that’ll help conserve natural resources.

Patterned Pants

Sustainable pants come in so many different styles and it’s totally fine to get a little funky every now and then. Ever heard of Local Pattern? They are a contemporary clothing brand sustainably crafted in Barcelona. In collaboration with local artists, they’ve made fossil printed white wide leg trousers. These drop crotch pants are made with added comfort from Tencel. Talk about a pair of party pants! Keep scrolling through to find more styles from the best sustainable mens clothing brands.

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