10 Stylish Cotton Jackets for Women

This collection is all about exploring cotton jackets for women and all the fun ways to style outerwear. If you’re looking to enhance your favorite outfits, why not try layering and introducing new silhouettes to your wardrobe? There are plenty of sustainable jackets to choose from.

We’ve handpicked a selection of women’s lightweight cotton jackets that can be incorporated into any ensemble. With respect to our environment and fair labor, all of these pieces are ethical and eco-friendly. 

A Black Cotton Jacket For Everyday Styling

Oversized tailoring has become a modern style in everyday wear. Firstly, we have Mother of Pearl, an ethical clothing label that embraces the oversized look with their black cotton jacket. Mother of Pearl focuses on the inclusion of natural fibers and sustainable forestry; this lovable brand plants new trees to replenish the natural resources they use to create their garments.

Your Go-To Sustainable Denim Jacket

Boyish offers a collection of sustainable cotton jackets for women that focuses on vintage-inspired styles. Additionally, their classic denim jacket uses upcycled jeans from organic cotton and raw materials from eucalyptus trees that exist to minimize environmental impact and reduce water usage. A vegan shirt jacket from Nu-in can be another great go-to option. This oversized jacket can even work double as outerwear or a dress. We love our essentials and we know you do too. This cotton jacket can pair easily with your minimalist outfits for any occasion.

Our Favorite Jackets for Women

We appreciate the many forms women’s lightweight cotton jackets can have. Take for example The R Collective’s camo jacket or Another Tomorrow’s cotton jacket in a playful plaid. Both derive from sustainable cotton yet each is unique and offers different styles of its own. 

If you’re searching for a unique piece to add to your outerwear collection, Kowtow has a cotton quilted jacket that can spice up your wardrobe. Their longline quilt coat derives from organic cotton and non-toxic fabrics. It has a beautiful structure, and it’s also super warm and cozy. With a promise towards sustainability, Kowtow garments are free from toxic sprays, metals and solvents. With a promise towards sustainability, Kowtow garments are free from toxic sprays, metals and solvents. 

Our list also includes a cotton coat from Pact, one of our favorite brands that incorporate organic cotton into their garments. If you’re feeling cold, this jacket is the perfect piece to warm you up. It even comes with a fun lining too!

Looking for more sustainable jackets? Take a peek at sustainable denim jackets for some more eco-friendly options. 

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