13 Super Soft Cotton Blankets

Cotton blankets can do wonders for your sustainable home and day-to-day activities. Besides adding a touch of beautiful textiles to your interior spaces, these organic fabrics are comforting and incredibly soft. Listed below are our picks of the best cotton blankets, all handwoven to last. With ease, you can discover a variety of  cotton throw blankets you can add to your humble abode.

Your Dream Bedroom Awaits You

There is something so reassuring about wrapping yourself with a white throw blanket or a cotton waffle blanket in the peace of your bedroom. A comfortable bed leads to a better night’s sleep and an overall increase in well-being. Coyuchi’s assortment of the organic cotton blanket is hand threaded and GOTS Certified, guaranteed for sweeter dreams. 

While on the topic of sleep, an organic weighted blanket has been medically proven to aid naturally deeper sleep cycles. Having a light amount of weight on your body stimulates serotonin production and increases melatonin. Moreover, a good night’s sleep is good for your health and for your soul. Discover the chunky-knit Cotton Napper by Bearaby. You’ll wake up feeling revitalized, trust us. 

Another favorite of ours is Goodee’s woven throw blanket made with care by skilled artisan. With this conscious company that focuses on a myriad of worthy causes, you can find a variety of unique handmade blankets to choose from. Goodee proudly supports our environment and its people. Go ahead, get even comfier with Goodee’s cotton throw blanket.

Handmade Blankets That Will Bring Peace & Harmony To Your Home

The best part about these organic cotton throw blankets is the utility each one has to offer. A woven cotton blanket can belong to nearly every part of your home. From the sustainable sofa to your designated reading nook, these pieces will bring absolute comfort wherever you go. 

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