Mate the Label

Mate the Label creates essential organics that are sustainably made in LA. They produce their non-toxic clothing with organic materials and an ethical supply chain.

Mate upholds a strict list of restricted substances to ensure that harmful toxins do not contaminate their supply chain and clothing collections. All of their garments are clean, so both their customers and suppliers stay safe and protected. By opting for organic materials, you’ll be keeping toxic substances off your body and away from local ecosystems.

Also, Mate the Label believes that the best way to limit your impact is by purchasing quality goods that’ll last a lifetime. And here at GoodStuff, we completely agree. When Mate says they create safe and fair working environments, this applies beyond their headquarters. Everyone in their supply chain must be treated with respect and adhere to responsible choices.

For clean essentials that are easy on your skin and the environment, take a look at our picks. These garments will fit right into your sustainable wardrobe.

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