Loll Designs

Loll Designs is a designer and creator of durable, all-weather, outdoor sustainable furniture made with HDPE. Partially from recycled plastics like milk jug containers and shampoo bottles. Using original, mindful designs and unique materials, this company creates innovative and fun products.

Loll Designs history dates back to 1997 with the creation of sustainable skate parks. As they’ve moved forward with new designs and ideas, they now source their materials from post-consumer plastic. Additionally, they create recycling programs for anything that is recyclable, including more than 88% of their manufacturing waste.  They even divert heat produced as a byproduct of their processes to heat their facilities during the winter. It’s all circular!

If you’re looking for sustainable outdoor furniture that’s fun and good for the planet, this ethical brand is your one-stop-shop. From lounge chairs to recycled tables and more, they have plenty of innovative products to discover. Every piece they offer derives from post-consumer and post-industrial content, so you can shop worry-free.

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