Epoque Evolution

Epoque Evolution is a chic & eco clothing line that chooses sustainable materials, post-consumer waste and recycled fabric when creating their pieces. They feature garments that are cut from a fabric called Econyl that is processed from fiber regeneration methods.

Their efforts towards responsibility are an ever-evolving work in progress. They want to provide fabrics that will help make your life easier with functional support. With the use of Tencel and Econyl, Epoque is able to regenerate nylon yarn from old fishnets and carpets. By restoring wasted materials, they are able to reduce consumption and give consumer waste another life.

Epoque Evolution also creates workwear that blends recycled polyester with certified wool. This innovative material naturally inhibits odor, so you can wear it again and again.  Additionally, it’s thermoregulating to help keep you cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Take a look at their collection of sustainable clothes and explore the comfort of eco-friendly fashion.

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