Boob Design

Boob Design creates affordable ethical clothing that makes you feel good, safe & comfy throughout your motherhood journey. When you purchase a garment from Boob Design, you are buying a product that is thoughtful and eco-conscious. Their sustainable maternity clothes partners with sustainable materials, such as recycled wool and other sustainable fibers.

The idea of Boob Design was born on an Autumn Day in 1999 when Mia Seipel watched her sister breastfeed. Her solution was Boob Design’s patent nursing collection, which has become a wardrobe staple among mothers all over the world. That was just the beginning. Today, they create clothing for all the stages of motherhood, with functional designs that support pregnancy and nursing.

After buying a garment from Boob Design, you can rest assured knowing that your clothing supports careful and sustainable production. Sustainable thinking begins at the design stage of their clothing. Their first step is to make pieces with a purpose. After, they make choices throughout the process to process and minimize their impact upon the environment. Most of all, Boob Design creates clothes that are designed to be worn, washed, loved over and over again. Also, their entire collections use sustainable materials that are completely traceable from sustainable fibers to the final garment.

Additionally, Boob is a GOTS-certified company with an international standard. They support holistic approaches towards environmental and social responsibility throughout their production chains and design processes. They also prioritize Oeko-Tex approved materials, which means all of their garments are free from toxic chemicals and other harmful substances.

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