Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin is a leading vegan shoes brand that offers luxury vegan footwear that is authentic, sustainable, and original. They wanted to create an ethical brand for those who care about where their fashion comes from.

Beyond Skin creates timeless classics with vegan leather to combat the wastefulness of fast fashion. Their production originates in England with handcraft skill work from Spain. With vintage-inspired styles and Italian fabrics, they’ve expertly fused a new contemporary style for the modern woman. This amazing footwear label combines eccentric prints with textured faux leathers. Additionally, they produce in limited quantities to avoid excess waste. Beyond Skin paves a new road towards sustainable fashion by continuously practicing transparency and social responsibility.

To make sure working conditions are fair and safe, they work closely with their factories in Spain. They also source their components and vegan leather locally to help reduce the impact of their carbon footprint. Moreover, their satins come from polyesters rather than viscose. This is because viscose uses a large number of harmful chemicals and produces a lot of unnecessary waste. When making synthetic leathers, this brand only uses cotton-backed polyurethane (PU) from Italy. Unlike other vegan materials, polyurethane is much kinder to our environment and is safer to use.

All of Beyond Skin’s recycled shoes have a 100% recycled faux leather lining with a vegetable coating. Their shoes have insoles made from 70% post-consumer waste to help give materials a second life. You can sport amazing footwear while also supporting the wellbeing of our planet and its natural resources.

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