The story of Avanchy begins in 2014, when founder Faisal noticed a distinct lack of sustainable baby plates. With inspiration from his own children, he began designing bamboo plates and bowls that use eco-friendly materials. Now, with a focus on organic resources, Avanchy has a line of bamboo plates. Mealtime with babies tends to get quite messy, so Avanchy products also have a special suction cup to hold each dish in place. These tools help reduce waste and help your child grow.

At Avanchy, their goal is to offer families sustainable baby dishes that match environmentally aware lifestyles. Their collections include baby plates, baby bowls, baby spoons, and baby folks. All of these products are practical and completely safe. Additionally, Avanchy’s organic bamboo and food-grade stainless steel tools are non-toxic and Earth-friendly. They are made for daily use and will not harm your baby’s sensitive skin.

Avanchy baby plates and baby bowls come with a built-in airtight-lock suction mechanism. To help your product stay in place, simply press it onto a hard surface. This easily reduces spills and makes every mealtime less messy and stressful for parents. Also, they craft their forks and spoons with 100% organic bamboo and a silicone top. That way your children can eat safely and play with them without hurting their sensitive gums.

With several bright color options, you can find the perfect dish for your baby, infant, or toddler. Avanchy commits to reducing waste and will always promote sustainability. Kids grow fast, but these products can always be a fun choice for any age.

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