Aromatica is one of the best clean Korean skincare brands that offer a natural face cleanser and much more. With leading ingredients and clean formulas, they design skincare for sensitive skin. They respect all living things and strive to protect the environment with holistic beauty and restorative products.

This clean beauty brand creates effective, sustainable products that are better for our health and for the environment. Aromatica is deeply passionate about returning earth to its natural state by preserving and restoring the planet. They pledge to practice sustainable ideals in all facets of their company, through production and distribution.

To help conserve the use of energy and water, they reduce waste by setting strict limits during their production processes. Additionally, they respect transparency and share results with all employees, partners, and customers to encourage awareness.

Aromatica proudly takes social and environmental impact into account when selecting their distributors. Their partners recover 99.9% of their wastes and recycle more than 50% of their resources. Also, Aromatica uses sustainable packaging that is completely recyclable. They strictly focus on GSC-certified and guaranteed recyclable paper to help reduce and prevent deforestation.

Aromatica’s products are all cruelty-free and avoid animal-derived ingredients. This clean and vegan brand registers as a partner of the Vegan Society, so you can count on them for natural and humane products. Aromatic is a holistic beauty and lifestyle brand that is dedicated to helping rebalance true beauty with botanical remedies.  Take a look at their vegan beauty products, made with clean formulas and natural ingredients.

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