Apple Park Baby began in San Francisco with a vision to craft environmentally responsible products for children and babies. Their inspiration comes from classic children’s toys, but with the incorporation of the finest eco-friendly materials available. This company features GOTS certified products and innovative bioplastic-based non-toxic toys. Apple Parks’ products are not only safe for your little ones, but they are also good for the whole Earth too.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the family history of Apple Park, shall we? Apple Park’s founder, Angie Ting, was born into a family of experienced toy makers. With her two young children in mind, she was ready to create a line of eco-friendly products for all. Her maternal concern for the health of infants, as well as environmental and social issues, were her biggest inspirations.

The name “Apple Park” is a representation of the values that define Angie Ting’s brand. The word “apple” serves as a new beginning. Furthermore, a life cycle, love, nature, education, and curiosity. On the other hand, “Park” refers to a place where humankind collaborates with nature to create enjoyment and preservation.

They are organic at heart, meaning they do not include polyester within their clothing. Each product is made with organic cotton to ensure the use of ethical materials that are completely safe for children. Apple Park Baby is sustainable kids clothing brand that has a green promise to make products that are safe for children and better for our environment. Their teams are environmentally responsible and dedicated to helping educate parents and guardians about the health and safety of their children, as well as mother nature. Your little ones will love their non-toxic toys.

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