12 Stylish Flannels For Men

Stylish flannels for men can be useful essentials to create some amazing outfits. As the leaves begin changing, and the Autumn breeze sweeps in, we know it’s almost that time of year to start layering up. This time around, we want to head into Fall with more intention and better shopping habits. That being said, here are some of our favorite clothing brands and sustainable labels that offer an organic flannel shirt.

Mens Flannel Shirts For A Fun Fall

Building a wardrobe around fall clothes is always so much fun, and it’s even better when you have sustainable options to choose from. Many of us can come to the agreement that flannel shirts are a favorite Fall-time essential. Their plaid designs are effortlessly classic, and come in a variety of color combinations to suit your mood. Plus, they’re so dependably warm that they are a garment of choice for people in cooler climates.

There are a lot of fast fashion brands out there that use hazardous and synthetic materials to weave their flannels. It’s much better for you and our planet to prioritize organic clothing that supports ethical and cleaner production. This way you can rock apparel, like a sustainable flannel, that is safe on your skin and easy on our environment.

Sustainable Shirts To Style In Autumn

First up on our list, we have UpWest, a sustainable apparel company that makes minimalistic flannels for men. Additionally, their sustainable flannels incorporate organic cotton as well as recycled fibers.  One of their main goals is to provide comfort while reducing the impact we have on landfills by using existing materials to create new clothing. Designed for ease, their striped flannel shirt is the perfect lightweight go-to for Autumn.

Designed with durable performance in mind and created with super-soft fabrics, Royal Robbins has men’s flannel shirts you don’t want to miss. This clothing brand constructs their clothing with non-toxic, 100% organic cotton, perfect for everyday use. Based on a commitment towards ethical practices, all of their listed products are detailed with material specifications for easy-to-read transparency. This is the plaid flannel you’ll reach for on the daily!

You can always count on Taylor Stitch to lift your spirits with their cozy, soft and rugged line of mens organic flannels. Made from organic cotton chamois, their mid-weight and hearty flannel shirts are unbelievably soft to the touch. Also, they source responsibly, they build ethically and they donate proceeds and excess fabric to educational and community organizations.

Need a cool-weather hat to pair with your flannels? Check out our collection of sustainable beanies for some great options. Looking for more sustainably sourced button-ups? Explore our collection of cotton shirts for men.

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