Recycled Glassware to Sip From

Looking for recycled glassware to add to your kitchen? Look no further because this collection was created just for you. First off, we can all agree that glass making is a dazzling art, but it can also produce a surplus of waste. Fortunately, there are tons of sustainable alternatives to reduce and reuse resources. To help you find those best options, we’ve gathered amazing brands that offer recycled drinking glasses. Our list also includes vintage glassware and other sustainable home products as well.

Recycled Drinking Glasses

Products made of glass can use a heavy amount of energy and water, so choosing reused glassware is a great approach towards reducing our carbon footprints. With this in mind, West Elm has collaborated with Diego Olivero in crafting a set of amber Mexican glassware derived from recycled materials. These beautifully designed recycled glass cups are perfect for summer gatherings or a warm evening near the pool.

As the co-founder of Meso Goods, Diego strives to create economic empowerment for artisans across the world. He mixes artistry and sustainability to create products that support great initiatives and our environment. Buying glassware sets from Meso Goods also means investing in small businesses and great initiatives.

What’s More Green Friendly Than Green Glassware?

With a large selection of fair trade and eco goods, August Sage also features emerald green recycled cups that are handmade with love. Whether it’s for entertaining, enjoying a fresh drink or for everyday use, these glasses will make an excellent addition to your kitchen.

Vintage Glassware & More

For those who love second hand shopping, Food52 has a beautiful set of vintage italian crystals for you. These glasses come with a history that dates back to 19th century Florence. Set the table with these special pieces and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to Italy. 

If you want to kick back and relax with a drink, why not use crystal martini glasses designed by Snowe. With a slender design and an elegant stem, these glasses are refreshing to hold. Snowe crafts their products with exceptional durability for resistance and everyday versatility. 

Looking to set an eco-friendly table with your recycled glassware? After outfitting your kitchen with the right non-toxic cookware and sustainable cutting board, continue the search with our curated collections of non-toxic dinnerware and flatware.

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