The Rain Jacket

Ethically Sourced,Non-toxic,Organic,Vegan

Perfect for Forest School and cozy evening bonfires, The Rain Jacket is lovingly made using 100% organic cotton, finished with a natural, water-resistant wax. This breathable, non-toxic fabric and will keep your children comfortable and protected from the elements without any use of plastic.

Made in Portugal with fabric originally crafted for sailors on the Scottish seas, this organic waxed cotton is lightweight and adjusts to ambient temperature, becoming softer and more breathable when it’s warm and more protective in wind, rain, and cooler weather. With brushed brass snaps down the front and roomy pockets for treasure-keeping, The Rain Jacket features a detachable hood and makes the perfect layer from spring to fall.

• Composition: 100% organic waxed cotton
• Available in: KHAKI, HAZELNUT
Water resistant: Repels water naturally, achieving AATCC 90 (ISO 4 out of 5) grade spray test rating.
• Made with love in Portugal