The Field Rug


The Field Rug is a stylish and durable addition to any room. Woven with natural materials – wool and jute, it is one of few domestically U.S manufactured rugs on the market. The jute offers a natural feel, balanced by the softness of the wool, creating an extremely comfortable and textured rug. Wool is soft and adjusts to changes in the body’s temperature, making the rug cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We recommend the rug is used with our rug pad to reduce movement, maintain the health of the rug by minimizing bunching, and create an even more comfortable experience through an added layer of cushioning. The rug pad also helps to reduce noise and protect your floors from the movement of furniture.

Woven by skilled rug makers based in North Carolina with a century of experience using all natural materials 53% Wool, 47% Jute.