Suki Houndstooth Biker Short (Red/Black)


NAGNATA superfine Merino Wool and Tencel mix consistent knitwear hello there rise biker short.

The style includes a two-tone houndstooth jacquard design with textural rib side stripe plan.

The biker shorts are planned with negligible creases and medium pressure for comfort when working out. This biker is a presentation style intended for high power and warmed exercise like hot yoga, move, cycling, cardio wellness just as lower sway styles of yoga, barre, pilates and studio-to-road style.

Creation is planned by NAGNATA as a team with The Woolmark Company, utilizing superfine Australian Merino fleece on roundabout weaving machines. This inventive knitwear development mixes a high substance of common strands, mixing Merino fleece with Tencel for breathability, maintainability and an incredibly delicate handfeel.

Australian Merino fleece is a characteristic, biodegradable and inexhaustible fiber. Merino fleece is one of the world’s most actually propelled strands, with special dampness and temperature guideline properties. The fiber works in all out amicability with the wearer’s body because of it’s great common flexibility, smell safe and dampness the board properties and characteristic breathability.

This new center line NAGNATA execution texture offers adaptability in all atmospheres. It is perfect for sweat-wicking execution wear in warmed conditions, and can likewise be layered as a warm fleece under-layer in chilly atmospheres to warm the body.

The Suki HoundstoothBiker Short is marked with a printed white NAGNATA mandala logo at focus back on rib abdomen band.


Ethically Sourced,Non-toxic