Rainforest Bowls

Slanted Waterfall Teak Wood Soap Dish


UNIQUE STYLE, CARVED BY CRAFTSMEN: Our Slanted Waterfall Teak Wood Soap Dish w/ Drain is a Rainforest Bowls in-house design painstakingly hand carved out of prized Javanese teak wood by our team of Indonesian master wood artisans.

ONE TOUGH SOAP DISH: Teak is famous for its extreme durability. Luxury houses, outdoor furniture, and even high end boats are built from it. These soap dishes are durable, made to last a lifetime and can become a family heirloom.

VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: Rare for wood, teak is heavy duty and weather-resistant. This soap dish has a natural finish, is extremely water-resistant and can withstand daily use anywhere in the kitchen, shower, wash stand or by the bath tub.

PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING: As an environmentally-conscious company, we’ve designed custom, recyclable, Rainforest Bowls branded, zero-plastic packaging.

A UNIQUE AND EXCITING GIFT: Family, friends and co-workers will treasure receiving a truly different and artisan present like this at birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, etc.