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Scented Hair Oil



The alpha and omega of the Tabitha James Kraan ritual, she began the line with her Scented Organic Hair Oil to support every hair type and balance the relationship between the hair and scalp. Highly concentrated with a potent oil blend, this paramount sidekick can be used as a pre-wash treatment, a styling aid and as a fragrant finishing touch.

Described as a hug for your hair, this Hero-worthy oil is the secret to shiny, nourished, protected and all-around lovely locks. Made with 99% certified organic ingredients, Scented Organic Hair Oil is a masterful blend of sea buckthorn, argan, rosehip and goji berry ingredients that are worthy of your most delicate hair!

Notes of precious rose oil, rose geranium, sweet orange, ylang ylang, cedar and resin give this unforgettable oil its intoxicating, unisex scent.

Each bottle includes Tabitha’s signature amethyst crystal to promote energetic balance and protection. Each pump is precisely dosed to lightly embrace hair without weighing it down. Just like the perfect hug.