The Knotty Ones

Heartbreaker Sweater

Sentimental second thoughts? Let us let you know, you’re not the only one. Be that as it may, wearing your heart on your sleeves (truly) can be really restorative. Consequently we devoted this sew to all our past sentiments, smashes and future darlings. All things considered, that wreckage makes a lovely entirety.

Please note that all items are knitted by hand by our kick-ass knitters and therefore each item is unique.

65% Wool
35% Alpaca

Our model Patrcija is wearing size S/M.

Width: 54 cm (XS/S), 58 cm (S/M), 62 cm (M/L).
Length: 64 cm (XS/S), 68 cm (S/M), 72 cm (M/L).