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Crème Mains Hand Cream


Presentation to the components, hand-washing and contact with family unit cleaning agents and synthetic substances all debilitate the skin’s hindrance, prompting dryness, drying and in any event, breaking. Plentiful in basic unsaturated fats and nutrients An and E, Crème Mains hand cream reestablishes dampness and fortify the skin’s hindrance while leaving skin smooth, stout and child delicate.

No nonsense. Utilizing an exceptional innovation that dispenses with the requirement for bothering synthetics, our recipe relieves and fixes even the most touchy skin. This hand cream is economically sourced and underpins the job of provincial African ladies and their networks.

Palm Oil – Palm oil is an uncommon cream that mellow the skin while keeping up (or reestablishing) its flexibility. It additionally has elevated levels of powerful cancer prevention agents that have been demonstrated to reinforce expert maturing endeavors. Karité’s palm oil is reasonably sourced from Ghana, without hurting the rainforests.

Ethically Sourced