2-in-1 Stacker

Eight pieces in five dynamic hues • Guaranteed enjoyment till toddlerhood on account of its various mounting alternatives • There is no correct • Both a stacker and a roly-poly : the base additionally shakes • Pieces can be utilized in the water as the greater ones buoy • Dishwasher safe •

Like all different toys from the line, this item is produced using our exclusive mix of plant-based materials. Our items are tried and affirmed to be sans oil and without known cancer-causing agents, social, regenerative, and neuro poisons, GMOs, hormone disruptors, overwhelming metals, high-hazard pesticides, fire retardants, lethal solvents, or unsafe VOCs. Genuine feelings of serenity for the family!


  • Eight pieces in five contrasting bright colors 
  • Thanks to its various mounting possibilities, it is sure to be entertaining until toddlerhood. 
  • The pieces can be used in the water because the larger ones float, and they are both stacker and roly-poly. 
  • They are dishwasher safe.