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Our 10 Best Jeans for Men

Jeans are one of the most important closet staples. But what should your priorities be when buying a pair? Besides style, of course. At GoodStuff we like to consider certain aspects like where the denim sourcing, fair worker pay, and manufacturing processes. We find all this out through our strict system of research and vetting before handing over the discovery part to you. When you check out these selections of the best jeans for men, know that each is well worth adding to your everyday wear.

A Versatile Essential

Originally developed to stand up to the cowboy lifestyle, denim needed to be reliable and long-lasting. The material can be both ultra-durable and age with a grace unlike any other piece of clothing. With this history, it’s no wonder modern eco-friendly jean brands are interested in updating the piece and making jean manufacturing more sustainable. These brands also understand versatility. Consequently, you’ll see a wide range of offers in this collection, from the best work jeans for men to dressy picks.

Best Skinny Jeans for Men

There’s not many pieces that remain at the forefront of modern fashion quite like the ever-so-versatile skinny jean. Its sleek silhouette promises a tenacity as one of the most popular jean cuts. So does its insistence on showing up in so many places as the pant of choice for many icons. If you like a polished fit, check out the skinny jeans featured here to find ethically made and sustainable choices.

Styles for Every Individual

Even though these pieces are popular, a pair of jeans should inherently fit unique to each person. From mens straight leg jeans from Outerknown to the best mens stretch jeans from Everlane, every detail in a piece is meant to be just what the wearer needs. This mindset is a continuation of the mindful consumption we advocate at GoodStuff. Slow fashion and slow, mindful purchasing ensures that what we buy, we buy for a reason. Not because we want something for a minute, but because we need it for a while. When we feel a resonance with a piece of clothing, we can begin to think about this mindset in other aspects of our lifestyle. These are the building block to a sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical way of life.

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