12 Picks for Dreamy Sustainable Bedding

In the quest for a great night’s rest we can often overlook sheets and bedding. As we buy lower quality bedding or bedding we only considered because we liked the color of the pattern, we forget to consider manufacturing processes and materials. Be sure you find sustainable bedding with our choices for sheet sets and duvet covers. Discover silky fabrics, linens, organic cotton and more, all curated to help you find the sheet set of your dreams.

Organic Choices

Companies that create sustainable sheets with organic fibers are significantly more likely to be involved in sustainable practices as well as carry the correct certifications to ensure you safe home goods. This is because organic certifications involve higher standards than conventional growing and manufacturing processes. With this in mind, we’ve sorted through the choices in organic cotton sheet sets to provide you with the best. Not to forget the sustainable duvet cover; if you’re looking for a new one, we have different fabric options, including organically-grown, to provide you with the perfect fit. Goodee features an organic cotton duvet cover that comes in a bright and buttery yellow, while Parachute’s  European-flax linen duvet cover is created in an ethical factory in Portugal.All covers are OEKO-TEX certified.

The Benefits of Bamboo Sheets

To make bamboo lyocell sheets, brands have to grow and source bamboo wood-pulp fibers. This process uses significantly less water than cotton, making it much more sustainable. Companies use these fibers to create many differently textured fabrics, but for sustainable bedding specifically, it’s extremely popular to make a silk-like sateen fabric. It’s luxuriously smooth, breathable, cooling, and – unlike silk – vegan. Ettitude’s signature sateen fabric uses five-hundred times less water than cotton and fifty-two percent less CO2 emissions. We’ve featured their bamboo lyocell sheets and pillowcase sets so you can check out different options.

Looking for more eco-friendly ways to get the perfect night of rest? Pair your sheets with a quality organic mattress for the best results.

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