30 Top Picks for Kids Play Clothes

If you’re in a place where your kids actually let you decide what they wear, take advantage of it, because this stage doesn’t last long. Play clothes are immensely important to your child’s daily life, wellbeing, and happiness. And, as a parent, there’s a lot to consider when on the lookout for safe, non-toxic garments. For example, there’s the durability to think about; whether a garment is going to withstand the trials and tribulations of your little one’s playtime. Next, there’s the question of whether a piece is going to support and nourish them through fun prints and thoughtful design. To find pieces that suit these standards, read on and explore quality kids clothes through the seasons.

Kid’s Clothes For Spring

The season for kid’s rain jackets and blooming flowers. Enjoy this renewing time of year with fresh, transitional pieces to nourish your child. You’ll want to look for lightweight sweaters and tees to pair with a favorite pant, short, or dress.

Summer Styles

The season for cotton dresses and rompers for kids. This is a time for play and exploration as school gets out and the days get longer and warmer. You’ll want to look for light and breezy pieces to outfit your little ones. Discover kid’s play clothes with fun prints that they’ll enjoy wearing and choose natural fabrics that are safe for sensitive skin.

Autumn Kid’s Clothes

The season for leaf piles and apple cider. Check out the kids jean-jacket and high-top shoes for versatility and support. Also, play clothing brands like Mini Rodini and Infantium Victoria, all have great choices for comfy and cute outerwear.

Wintery Pieces

The season for kids outwear and cozy pajamas. Seek out super-soft organic fabrics and wool (or wool alternative, for our vegan parents) sweaters for a warm winter. Check jackets and joggers for the best play clothing for snow days.

Many of the children’s play clothes that we feature are able to transition between multiple seasons. This means your little one has a wardrobe in which their favorite garments are always available. Further, it also allows for mindful consumerism of fashion on your part, as needing less cuts down significantly on consumption and eases your carbon footprint. Remember each piece of clothing here meets strict ethical and eco-friendly standards, as well as your own standards for safe and comfortable clothing for your child.

Looking for more play clothes? Check our collection of sustainable kid’s shoes. You’ll find a range of durable, versatile shoes that are up for anything.

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