The Best Vegan Shampoo for Your Beauty Routine

Vegan shampoo is one of the healthiest options for hair care. And for a lot of us, hair care is a huge part of our day-to-day routine. It’s also important to avoid harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. We don’t want any of those pesky toxins that are found in leading salon formulas. To help steer you in the right direction towards clean beauty, we’ve listed the best vegan shampoo from companies that focus on natural sources and cruelty-free practices. You’ll love these eco-friendly shampoo brands.

The Advantages of Vegan & Cruelty Free Shampoo

Vegan shampoo brands focus on cruelty-free practices. Plus, their products are also composed entirely of natural ingredients. Plant-based formulas are much safer to use when maintaining and treating your beautiful hair and are much safer for our environment too.

The Body Shop has an array of clean vegan shampoo options. One amazing choice is their signature tea tree shampoo to help balance and refresh your gorgeous locks. If you are opting for a gel alternative, Abhati has some of the best organic shampoo bars that are suitable for all hair types. Your scalp will thank you for this soothing cleanse. It’s loaded with amazing ingredients that are suitable for all hair types. Did we mention this vegan shampoo bar is also zero-waste?

Say Goodbye To Dry Scalps

If you are struggling with a dry scalp, you’re not alone. All of these selections are the best organic vegan shampoo options to help you moisturize and treat your crown. To regain control of your hair, Natural Lab offers a hydrating solution. Their award-winning smooth vegan shampoo is the answer to long-lasting moisture for a healthy scalp. 

Refill, reuse and rejoice with a clarifying and biodegradable shampoo made by Plaine Products. This company commits to plastic-free manufacturing to eliminate excess waste. All of their products are reusable and recyclable, so you can use their refillable shampoo products as many times as you’d like.

Looking for more vegan and natural products to round out your routine? Try our collection of vegan skincare for a wide range of favorites. Or, check out vegan lotions for hydration and some natural perfume for a little boost.

Looking for eco-friendly shampoo products and vegan shampoo for your little ones? We have more organic products that work gently with kids. Make sure to take a look at our collection of the best shampoo for kids for more natural and organic picks. 

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