13 Non-Toxic Rugs for Your Conscious Household

When searching for non-toxic rugs, you want to focus on natural fibers and steer clear from harmful materials. We’ve gone ahead and rounded up an array of options for you to choose from, all ethically sourced and safe for your sustainable home. Take a look at our list of eco friendly rugs that will look great in your home.

What Is A Jute Rug?

Great question! Jute is a plant typically found in Asia that can be naturally woven into a durable thread. Since jute can be sustainably harvested, this fiber is easily replenishable, making it a renewable resource. Rugs of these materials are pet-friendly, easy to clean and a fitting decor to match any area of your room.

Nordic Knots has the perfect soft jute rug that is available in different patterns, all minimalistic and crafted with thought. For more options, Fab Habitat has plenty of collections featuring unique sizes and colors to help you on your hunt for a jute runner rug

Sustainable & Eco Friendly Rugs

The beauty of boho area rugs is defined by traditional artisan techniques and its endurance to last for generations. Originals is an inspiring homeware store based in Singapore that carries vintage textiles with rich history. Vintage rugs can be a beautiful statement to add character into your space. Buying second hand is a great sustainable practice to shift the global demand for overproduction. Reusing and reducing is always the way to go.

If you’re in need of a rug that is capable of withstanding spills and stains, Ruggable is the place for you. They design machine washable rugs so you don’t have to worry about the mess. Most importantly, they also have an abundant selection of styles from geometric textiles and bohemian vibes. Ruggable’s round blue rug has to be one of our favorites. It’s a well-rounded addition to any living room, nook area or outside patio.

Along with our choices, we’ve made sure to include recycled rugs made from pre-loved fibers . Hook & Loom is an excellent company that crafts rugs to flatter your floor and protect our planet. Their line of durable eco cotton rugs are all hand woven from 100% recycled fiber. If you are leaning more towards abstract rugs, make sure to check out Burke Decor and 54 Kibo for some playful designs.

For more ideas on personalizing your home, check out our eco friendly sofa chair collection.

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