Non Toxic Kids Furniture For Your Little One

Opting for non toxic furniture is very important when building a healthy environment for your little one. That said, we want to make sure you have a variety of non-toxic kids furniture to choose from. It’s fundamental for a child to have a space they can call their own – one that allows them to explore, express, and expand their interests. After all, a child’s bedroom is their world of comfort and safety. Take a look at our guide to find the best non toxic bedroom furniture.

A Kingdom of Growth & Non Toxic Furniture

Allowing a child to exercise their curiosity definitely helps stimulation. A non toxic desk is a fundamental area where a child can practice writing, reading and creating. The Art Corner Set by Goodee World is an amazing eco-friendly gift for kids who love to learn and explore. Carving out designated play-spaces for kids is a great way to encourage discovery. The Tot is another brand we absolutely love that makes some of the best eco-friendly kids clothing and furniture.

Ready, Set, Play

Incorporating non toxic play mats from Ruggable or wooden toys into your little one’s bedroom is another great addition to their playtime and to their cognitive and emotional development. Playtime with wooden toys also offers an opportunity for both parent and child to spend time together and build a greater sense of connection.

We also know bedtime can be a struggle and adding a little something to make it fun goes a long way in helping kids wind down. So we’ve also made sure to include a non toxic bed frame from UrbanBilly. This featured one is designed in the shape of a rocket, and your little ones can blast off into their dreams with this fun bed frame.

Gadgets and Gizmos a Plenty

There comes a time when a child challenges their autonomy and strives to be a little bit more independent. Perhaps they explore their idea of self-reliance by choosing their own outfits or cleaning up after themselves. Or at least trying to. A non toxic dresser from Sprout can be useful for both a playroom storage space and a chance for your child to practice organization. On that note, a wall clock for the kids room may even take that to the next step by introducing time management. 

A child’s bedroom is a sanctuary for growth and creativity. Our selection of non toxic kids furniture are the perfect option for a positive environment.

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