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Non-Toxic Cookware For Healthy Cooking

Let’s Get Cookin’ With Non-Toxic Cookware!

When preparing lunch or food prepping for the busy week ahead, we want to ensure you have the best cookware tools that are easy to use, safe, and most importantly, non-toxic. Here are some of our favorite conscious brands that offer sustainable cookware

Ceramic Cookware Sets

All cooks deserve a classic cookware set and Caraway has an eco-friendly option for you. Their complete set of ceramic pans has everything you will need for easy cooking. Caraway’s non-stick technology is applied with a mineral-based coating that deters toxic materials. Their products also produce less CO2 emissions when compared to other traditional brands. Currently, these non-toxic pans are available in six charming colors to compliment your kitchen aesthetic. 

Discovering A Healthier Way To Cook with Chemical Free Cookware

For endless stovetop possibilities and superior durability, feast your eyes on GreenPan’s ceramic non-stick pan. This frypan is optimized for everyday cooking and is crafted without the use of PFAS, PFOA, lead or cadmium. Cook to your heart’s content on all cooking surfaces — ovens too! From simple bakes to more intricate sautés, these ceramic non-stick pans will cover all of your bases.

As another conscious swap, consider Our Place’s ceramic frying pan. This cult-favorite item has become a bestseller for many amazing reasons; you can apply this tool as a steamer, skillet, saucier or as a saucepan. Additionally, they’ve even gone the extra mile to design handles that will stay cool to guarantee safety and efficiency. Along with these great benefits, the Always Pan also comes equipped with a modular lid, a steamer basket and a built-in spoon rest.

If you need a new cooking pot, we highly recommend taking a look at Great Jones’ enameled cast iron products. Their concept of a Dutch oven takes advantage of an oval exterior to help you bake, brown and broil. This curvy pot is great for roasting a holiday meal or baking your favorite sweets. 

Looking for beautiful plates to go with your new sustainable cookware? Check out our collection on sustainable dinnerware here!

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