Our Favorite Ethical Jewelry Brands

Jewelry often feels like the most personal accessory one can wear. Sometimes we even own heirloom pieces, passed down from a beloved family member. So when deciding on something new to purchase, we should be picky in our selections and not settle for a fast fashion piece. Here at GoodStuff we think it’s important to know whether or not the piece we’re coveting is eco-friendly, ethical, or sustainable. In our search, we discovered amazing and innovative ethical jewelry brands that are disrupting industry standards and creating gorgeous pieces. To that end, we present our collection of eco-friendly bracelets, sustainable rings, and ethical earrings. Each choice is sure to be worthy of your jewelry box.

Ethically Sourced Crystals and Ethical Gemstones

In an industry of blood diamonds and unethically sourced gemstones, we love to see ethical jewelry brands disrupting this standard and creating pieces that use fair trade practices. At GoodStuff, we don’t think a piece of jewelry can be considered beautiful if it wasn’t made responsibly, with kindness to the earth and to the crafters. The sustainable fashion brands featured here ensure responsibility in supporting artisans and provide transparent information on sourcing.

Upcycled Jewelry

Another great way brands are creating sustainable jewelry is by upcycling stones from older pieces and recycling gold from post-consumer sources. These materials, including gold or diamonds, are known to last for lifetimes. So reusing them never takes away from the quality, durability, or beauty of a piece. Further, upcycling creates no new demand for materials, and by extension, no new demand on the Earth’s resources. It significantly reduces energy usage as well.

While we like to provide a large range of designs for you to enjoy, remember each and every brand featured here is vetted for ethical and eco-friendly standards. No matter what strikes your fancy, rest assured it will be good for you, and good for the planet. From dainty gold jewelry to traditional rings, to more edgy jewelry, take some time to find something you really like. With our curation, there’s something beautiful and interesting for every style out there.

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