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12 Eco-Friendly Toys That are Educational

Your little ones are the eco warriors of the future. So at GoodStuff we want to provide the best tools to help build sustainable learning that merges creativity with education. We’ve rounded up our favorite quality brands that produce non toxic baby toys and other eco-friendly toys, all beautifully crafted and completely sustainable. Play time just got so much better with these eco conscious kids brands.

Why Are Educational Toys Important?

The creative toys we’ve chosen are designed to help develop problem solving skills within children. As well as introduce them to conflict resolution responses and the values of sharing. For instance, interactive eco-friendly toys, like pattern puzzles, do an amazing job supporting the growth of sensory-motor skills. Additionally, children learn so much about themselves by exploring their imagination.

Our Favorite Brands

One of our featured brands, Odin Parker, is a family owned company based in Oregon that collects gender neutral baby apparel, toys and accessories. All of which are organic, safe and ethically sourced. On top of that, Odin Parker actively gives back and is passionate about investing in a future without childhood hunger. With the help of those who support their company, they’ve donated over 154,000 meals around the world. Not only would you be building your child’s growth with toys like their Alphabet wooden blocks, you would also be investing in the development of children from diverse communities. 

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