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Eco-Friendly Products to Sustain your Kitchen Pantry

The traditional kitchen produces most of the waste within our households. Single-use plastic, food waste, and general refuse always seems to accumulate into a disorganized kitchen setting. But never fear! There is a way to move past these habits. All it takes are some mindful decisions on what items to transition into using. With our hand-picked guide of sustainable kitchen products, you can build a kitchen pantry and a sustainable home that helps the planet instead of one that contributes needlessly to your carbon footprint. 

Reduce Consumption

There are so many great ways to incorporate reusable products for your pantry, and the first place to begin is with eco-friendly food storage. Glass jars are perfect zero-waste products to have on hand. They make for amazing containers to store pasta, cereal, rice, and your favorite snacks. When you need to reseal food, instead of turning to plastic baggies check out something a little more durable and a lot more sustainable: reusable food wraps constructed from bee’s wax. These make for a clean, fun, and innovative alternative to disposable plastic. 

A Well-Rounded Sustainable Kitchen

There are multiple values to prioritize when shopping for your kitchen. We know there can be a lot to think about, especially when the pressure is on to choose the right items that will serve you and your family. For instance, it can feel difficult to eliminate plastic from your life completely, but it’s easy to start by introducing recyclable garbage bags made from post-consumer materials and bamboo straws into your kitchen essentials. It’s an easy transition that will significantly help reduce your carbon footprint. Another priority is non-toxic flatware. The best kitchen utensils are the ones that are safe and created with eco-friendly materials.

Check out our curations of non-toxic cookware and non-toxic dinnerware for more great examples for your eco-friendly kitchen.

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