35 Picks for Sustainable Home Decor

That perfect armchair, the aesthetically-correct lamp, the dining table that somehow toes the line between modern and rustic. We all know how much time can be spent trying to curate our home so it’s just the way we want it. Hours of scrolling decor websites, picking through an ever-changing influx of trendy things. We know there’s a better way than this cluttered mindset and we want to help you find it with some of our favorite sustainable home decor options.

Objects For Slow Living

Objects can be more than just things that accumulate through mindless consumerism. There are so many options for eco-friendly home decor and we want to make it simple for you to choose things you love. Discover decor that not only cultivates your sense of well-being, but also supports worthy causes like ethically-treated artisans and sustainably sourced materials. We think an object can only be regarded as useful and beautiful if it’s made with respect to all involved. Further, we think it’s valuable to consider all objects in our daily lives with these standards. Purchases are like votes, and with smart, informed decision-making, we can build a better world.

Conscious Consumerism With Ethical Home Goods

Artisan brands featuring natural home decor with global styles are great for finding amazing handmade home-furnishing items. Check out the geometric area rugs, wool or cotton throw pillows, or a versatile woven hamper with a lid. Items like these support artisans within their communities and conserve traditional techniques. This respect for native artistry is a very special value to uphold, and we’re happy to be able to share these objects with you. Seek out brands like Zeal Living or Made Trade to find these fair-trade home decor pieces in eclectic styles.

Our homes are places that we have the privilege of having as our center for daily living and resting. Choose your sustainable home decor mindfully by using our collection, vetted and curated for you.

For more decor inspiration, check our our collection of eco-friendly furniture or sustainable blankets for a cozy touch.

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